Things To Do Alone Atleast Once in Your Life

Hello everyone, how are y’all doing ? Today I’m going to be talking about the things I want to do alone once in my life. It’s just an amazing experience to spend some quality time with yourself and discovering a new form of fun outside.


This has been in my bucket list for so long and only recently I got to tick this one out. Trust me, it’s absolutely the best feeling when you just sit in the cinema with your own handful of happiness aka popcorn and Pepsi and just watching a movie. Give it a shot.


Have a lunch date with yourself at least once in your life. Choose a quiet place for a good meal on a beautiful day. Order your favourite food and read a book or something. Just by yourself. Ugh it’s truly great.


To be honest, I like to shop with my friends so I could ask for suggestions and opinions and have fun trying the clothes out together, but it’s fun sometimes to go on a spontaneous trip to the mall and just wander looking for some good bits. I’m sure you’ll love it.




Okay, I’m not trying to be filmy but try to go for an early morning walk. The mist and the silence will just ease your mind surely. Also, it’s fun to put on a hoodie and sprint out of your house for a me-time but try not to be lazy and choose sleep. Just for one day at least because sleep is for the win.


You may think travelling alone is not so practical. It’s one of the best things to do in life and something you’ll look back and smile at. It sure will have its own form of difficulties but that’s part of the fun. Choose a destination that is comfortable for you and just go for it. I mean, on second thought ask your parents permission.

Anyway, these are the few things that I have on my list on things to do alone. Tell me what yours are in the comments so we can have a little chat.

Until the next time,