6 Things That Happen Only In Indian Family Whatsapp Groups

Things That Happen Only In Indian Family Whatsapp Groups
Things That Happen Only In Indian Family Whatsapp Groups

Gone are the days when grandparents remained a dimension away from technology. Uncles and aunts knew only how to scroll down their Facebook feed, like posts and send game life requests. All of them have progressed, the result being a “WhatsApp Family Group”.

Those groups in our WhatsApp chatbox which are usually on mute, and still are the reason for continuous message beeps, are none other than our very own Family Whatsapp Groups. Just like any other ritual, creating a family group is important too; failing to perform which will lead to the clash of clans, offended aunts and disappointed uncles. If there’s a couple who tied the knot, even before the Suhaag Raat, they’ll be added to different family groups of their significant other by some cool aunt. It is with these groups that your day starts and ends; and well even all through the day too, it goes on to send you unnecessary and uncared notifications, just like candy crush requests of today.

indian family whatsapp groups

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Thanks to family Whatsapp Groups, we don’t need any other source of entertainment anymore. The reason for our auto picture download being turned off, but also the reason for being connected with families, these special groups have a special place in our hearts. Thanks to their special characteristics that they stand out from other regular groups.

1. Ever changing group name

From “Happy Navratri?” to “Bittu ko Birthday Mubarak?“, from “Happy Family” to “The Best Family“, members of this group never settle on one name. There might even be consensus on what to name the child of the house for once, but for the group name? never.

indian family whatsapp groups

2. ‎Good morning-noon-night

Waiting for someone to wish you morning and noon like you greeted your teacher back in school? Worry not for we have uncles waiting for the clock to struck 6 a.m. and aunties for 1 p.m. to post you a daily wish. When this isn’t just enough to give our day a pleasant start and a maintenance wish, they send you a good night message, as if that’ll drive away our insomnia.indian family whatsapp groups

3. ‎Positive preachings

Just before you’re going to take a wrong decision in your life, there will always be a beep on your phone. Yes, your relatives know about this. They send you long Hindi-scripted stories, morals of which promise to be with you, forever (according to them). Since they can’t come at your place because they’re busy typing, they prefer forwarding you “others’ Gyaan”.

indian family whatsapp groups

Present day Dadis and Nanis don’t need to think tales over or scratch their heads to narrate bedtime stories to their grandchildren, because well, they’re just two clicks and a scroll away.
1. Click on Whatsapp icon
2. Open your family group (usually the first chat)
3. Scroll above to skip the joke, and read out the story directly.

indian family whatsapp groups

4. ‎Jokes

You know who is lamer than me? Whatsapp Family Groups.
You know what is even more intolerably lame? Jokes on those groups being recited and repeated at family gatherings.

indian family whatsapp groups

5. Selfies, Pictures and Videos

Guess how all that data gets consumed? Innumerable photos and videos posted on the group are downloaded without us wanting them to. Not that we have choices. Howsoever uninteresting and unpleasant the posts are, we have a moral obligation to reply to each picture with such hysteria that even they are left wondering. Put a ‘word’ in bold, add four to five emojis after that; that’s all it takes to show you’re interested.

indian family whatsapp groups

6. ‎Down the memory lane

One fine day when you do like this group and can’t get off it, is when someone decides to take out a photo album and post pictures of it with the caption “GUESS WHO?

Admit it or not, you really can’t live without your family group. They are the first ones to wish you on your birthday and shower you with their blessings on special occasions. They certainly are the spice of life which we cannot afford to miss.

indian family whatsapp groups

You cannot leave these groups but once someone had the courage to do this-

indian family whatsapp groups

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Are you also irritated from your WhatsApp Family Group messages? Do let us know in the comment section below!