9 Boy Things That Girls Want At Least Once

things that boys have which girls want

There are invisible bars that separate women from this male-dominant society. Though the opportunities are rising each day and providing better living prospects to women, there’ll always be something that’s lacking. Be it physical, mental or societal, there are a few purely ‘boy’ items that girls really love and would want to have at least once in their lives. Here is a list of a few things that boys have which girls want.

1. Husky voice

Girls have a high-pitched tone that embarks on ‘irritation’ when used to the fullest. Men have a pleasant tone that breaks when spoken and sends shivers down the spine. A sexy voice. Though not everyone, a few girls surely do want their voices as huskier as boys’ voice. Well, voices sure are ‘homemade‘ and can’t be changed, unless you are a mimicry artist.

things that boys have which girls want

2. A Motorbike, not a Scooty

I’d say, this would be the first one on the list of “Boy things” that girls would want to do. Riding a bike, not as a pinion driver but the main, is a girl’s biggest wish. The bikes are heavy but balancing it is a secondary matter. It can be learned in time.

things that boys have which girls want

3. Physical Strength

Seriously, girls despise asking for help in most situations. The one thing, I’ve learnt, that’s very irritating as a girl is – when you can’t lift heavy weights. You need a man’s help in carrying a cylinder or a rice bag. Even luggage! Of course, girls do enjoy being pampered as long as it’s her man doing those things out of love for her. Although girls have “Endurance”, they wouldn’t mind if they had some physical strength too. Being a Superwoman isn’t too bad.

things that boys have which girls want

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4. No PMS or Menstruation

How are girls supposed to bleed and have mood swings at the same damn time? It’s so suffocating! They have to be conscious about how they sit and how they walk during the monthly cycle. They wear long tops so it’ll be helpful lest any disaster should occur in public. And those sanitary pads just don’t stay still like they are supposed to be! I say, it’s “Birth Harassment“. Girls sure do want freedom from a never-ending struggle known as PMS.

things that boys have which girls want

5. A flat chest; things that boys have which girls want. (At Least Some)

I don’t know if this is every girl’s wish or not but some of my friends complain a lot about having a non-flat chest. You can’t wear deep V-neck tops and even if you do, your cleavage and up and ready for every one to stare at. Especially, old women, apart from teenage boys. I mean, why do they stare? It’s so inconvenient when all those people look at nothing but the chest area. They stare so hard like they’ve never seen any other girl possessing the same equipment. Right?

things that boys have which girls want

Another reason (it’s hilarious but girls can relate to it), no offence, I’ve heard is that –

Wearing a Bra is goddamn tiring and uncomfortable. So, I wouldn’t mind being flat-chested like a guy. I can deal with the hair, not a bra.

6. Eat, eat and eat again

Dieting – a girl’s thing. I’m aware that even men follow a diet but their numbers are drastically down when compared to the female population in that arena. To Men, it’s more inclined towards “Health” but to women, the formula is

Dieting = I’ll be slim. Yay!

things that boys have which girls want

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It’s not their fault that they’ve formulated such an equation. Personally, I’ve received some comments too, if I put a few too many morsels of rice on my plate. “You’re a girl, dear, eat less,” they told me in such a sweet tone that I didn’t know what to do. You don’t say that to a boy, do you? It’s so damn hard to control when someone around you eats a delectable burger and you’re not supposed to eat it just because you’re a girl and you’ve to keep up the Zero size!

7. No waxing legs and hands anymore

Waxing is so painful and shaving the hair is so stressful. Yet, girls do it because they don’t want to look like hairy apes when they wear frocks or skirts or sleeveless shirts. But, I think this is a universal problem as some men shave their legs too. Maybe, not much in India. Besides, men have facial hair that needs to be shaved too. Well, this problem, in terms of girls to boys is in the ratio 80 to 20.

things that boys have which girls want

8. Long hair is difficult

It takes a lot of time to braid long hair. It’s hard to dry with a drier because, after the said procedure, all that’s left is a black bush of tangled knots that’ll take hours to set right. Next, HAIR-FALL. You see strands falling away each day and one day, you wonder, as you look at yourself in the mirror.

“What? I’ve still got hair left on my head? Wow!”

things that boys have which girls want

And, there’ll certainly come a time, when girls think this very sentence –

I want short hair, like boys. But, will it regrow? I’ll manage somehow with my long hair.

9. Stay wearing a Lungi

Lungi is a uni-sexual garment in the North-eastern parts of our country. A girl isn’t supposed to stay wearing a lungi or a towel wrapped around her waist even though she’s covered her top with a Tee. Where I live, it’s okay if girls wear a skirt but not a lungi.

things that boys have which girls want

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I haven’t mentioned things like “freedom” or “safety” because they are controversial issues and they’re never going to go down. Even in the long run, girls will not be given complete equality or they won’t be safe from those men who don’t have control over their nether regions.

That aside, these are the few things which, after a few questioning sessions, I’ve heard girls say they really want to try them at least once, but not forever.

“Being a boy might be awesome in many ways but I’m a girl and that’s what I like.”

Did we miss anything? Did you (girls) want anything else? Drop your views in the comments about the things that boys have which girls want below!

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