9 Things Only Temple Run 2 Players Can Relate To

Games!! They take your mind off things. They thrust you into a world of adventures you’d never see in your life, at least in reality. Running through forests and slaying wild creatures, shooting zombies and villains with blazing guns, racing on different tracks with race cars that blow your mind off, batting sixes even though you’ve never held a bat before – it’s an amazing world to be in, isn’t it? There are many games – apps, wherein you can play different adventures. Yet, here I am, talking to you about an adventurous running game – Temple Run 2.

It’s not the best game out there in the market, still, it isn’t a game “you can’t talk about”. Temple Run has created a revolution in the history of games by grabbing the most number of downloads when it was released. Yet, the first version of Temple Run bored players after a while. Then came Temple Run 2 with worlds to run in. Even to this day, Temple Run 2 is an addiction far greater than any other.

If you’re one among us, i.e., a Temple Run 2 player, you can surely relate to at least a couple of things listed below. Count what you can relate to!

1. Bad background music

Compared to its competitor, “Subway Surfers”, Temple Run 2 has a very bad background music. If we mute the music, then we’ll have sounds – of collecting coins, jumping, skidding, falling, rocks, waterfalls and many more. These are ‘okay’ because of the naturality involved in their creation.

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2. If you’re bored with one world, walk into another!

Ask a Temple Run 2 player what he likes the most about the game. Without hesitation, the answer would be, the variety of worlds offered by the game. Get crispy in Blazing sands. Tanned enough? Then cool it off in Frozen shadows! Want some adventure? Headbutt into Lost Jungle and run through dark dingy caves avoiding snakes and carnivorous plants. Not enough? Want more? Try Spooky Summit and run your way through scary ghosts!

Image doesn’t include “Lost Jungle”

3. Gems, gems, where are you?

If you are a player, you’ll understand the problem with “Gems” offered by this game. To unlock “Gem Bonus” you need to finish “Level 12” which isn’t an easy hassle. Have you ever felt frustrated about your ‘wait’ to reach “Level 13”? Well, I did. Ugh!

When? Tell me, Gem! When will you be mine forever?

4. The “Daily Challenge” Streak

You know what’s sad? Not reaching “Gem Bonus” quick enough. You know what’s sadder? Breaking the “Daily Challenge” Streak. I wake up in the morning and being the ardent player I am, I finish my “Challenge of the Day”. Still, there were times when unintentionally, I broke my streak of 137 days. Then, there was another time when I couldn’t finish my “Objective – 30 Consecutive Daily Challenges” just because I had been very busy to play the game. I lost a streak of 27 days and started over – again.

It’s really heartbreaking, isn’t it, co-players? Irritating, too.

5. Cost of Worlds is way too high

At present, there are 3 worlds to buy – Spooky Summit, Blazing Sands, and Frozen Shadows. Earlier, each world’s cost was 500 Gems. Now, just in October 2017, I bought Spooky Summit for 100 Gems only. Now, the problem is – Gems, again! Until and unless the gem bonus is unlocked, the players of Temple Run 2 have to satisfy themselves by playing these worlds for free in Summer (Blazing Sands), Winter (Frozen Shadows) and October (Spooky Summit).

6. Objective – Run 1000 m with Scarlett Fox in Frozen Shadows

If you still remember, this Objective appears on our list at the start. Maybe, at Level 5 or 6, I don’t remember clearly though. At that stage, Temple Run 2 players won’t have enough gems (500) to unlock Frozen Shadows. So, how to finish the Objective? There is ONE way that I can think of. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be close to Winter and you can play Frozen Shadows for free. So, Objective accomplished! I finished it that way.

Or else, only God knows when you’ll be able to finish it!

Image result for temple run sky summit

7. Coins are an added attraction

One of the reasons why Temple Run 2 isn’t boring at all is the variety of “Coins” the game offers to its players. For every festival, you’ll get a new coin skin. For example, for Valentines’ Day, you’ll get a love cookie for a coin. For Christmas, a Christmas Cookie. For Halloween, ghost head coins. And for Summer, Ice-cream candy!

8. Objective – Collect 5 gems in ONE RUN

Seriously, 5 frigging gems?! Even this Objective visits us at the start when we are still getting used to playing the game. You need to use “Save Me” often, at times. If you have WiFi or a Data Connection while playing the game, you can use “Free Save Me” and finish this objective.

A question, just between you and me, dear players. Have you ever noticed that when you reach this Objective, gems stop appearing in the game like they once used to?

9. After unlocking Gem Bonus!

Finally, the wait is over! You unlocked the King of all bonuses – the Gem bonus. What next? Upgrade your meter to the fullest and start playing games. Now, collecting 500 gems is an easy task. There isn’t a happier day, you’ll feel. But after unlocking all Worlds and the character costumes, you’ll ask yourself one simple question – “What to do with these gems now?”

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Yes, this game is frustrating sometimes. Still, it has fans – players. Despite all its imperfections, the game, Temple Run 2, can be called perfect. Its interface is not stagnant. It changes constantly. Before you can complain that you’re bored, Temple Run 2 always offers you another interesting world to dive into.

Do you play Temple Run 2? Any friends of yours who play this game? Tag them too and tell us if you can relate to the things mentioned above. Let us know your experiences in the comments below!


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