8 Things You Say To Your Vegetarian Friend

When it comes to your friend circle, we have all sort of characters and weird as it may be, we cherish all of those. One amongst these are our vegetarian friends whom we love the most not because of their behaviour but because they give us loads of time and a universal topic to make fun of. And you must agree to this- when you have absolutely no topic to talk on, you always have these people on standby so that you can pick on them whenever you wish to, and torment them with all your (not so) brainy logistics and to be honest, it is actually a funny sight to behold.

When you talk about your “Vegetarian” friends, it is necessary that you categorize them into different groups and continue to fire your logic and so-called facts.

  • CATEGORY 1: This includes all those people who call themselves vegetarian, but have no issues in trying out non-veg starter or just the gravy once in a while.(not to forget that they do this when outside home and turn back into vegetarians once inside)
  • CATEGORY 2: These are people who are pure vegetarians and cannot stand anything non-veg around them.
  • CATEGORY 3: Those who are vegetarians but don’t mind having the egg. (People who belong to this group, trust me the suffering is real)

Now turning on to some of the things that you say to these people.

1. Don’t you eat Non-Veg?

This is the most asked question and whenever you hear this question the only thing that crosses your mind is, how are you going to punch the opposite persons face without actually hurting them, or maybe just give them the list of eatables that has kept them alive and healthy but then again you end up plastering that fake smile and try changing the topic which obviously goes in vain.

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2. No wonder you never put on weight or you’re so thin

I’ve never really understood the concept of this statement. Each time someone tells me this I have this immense desire to introduce them to my bloated brother or anyone who is fat/healthy even after living on veg food. What you really need to understand is eating vegetarian does not always mean you are on diet.

3. You must try the non-veg food

Yes, we do get that non-veg tastes really good but that does not make veg food any less tasty. And what is with all the struggle to feed all the vegetarians with your ‘tasty’ food? When we say we do not prefer it, we actually mean it. Why don’t you imagine having something that you do not prefer and maybe you will get the answer to all your questions.

4. What do you have on special occasions? Paneer?

The idea that every single person has is all that we cook is paneer or potato on occasions. You’re not completely wrong but there is a variety of food we make, but with the tiny brain that we have when we are asked to name some, we end up saying paneer and then all your effort just drowns with their laughter.

5. No Non-Veg, No Protein

I must agree that we do not get as much protein as you get in one go but we do have substitutes which provide us with all that we need to survive. And each time this dialogue pops up, here is the solution- just stuff that person’s mouth with all the broccoli or spinach or whatever comes to your mind.

6. It’s all leaves that you eat

The actual fight starts when you choose a place to eat, and it just gets worse if you are the only one who is vegetarian. It gets even better when they provide you with the solution that is somehow quite amusing- Why don’t you eat all the leaves and veggies that come along with our dishes? Sometimes you actually end up with a salad and the other times they show some kindness and find a place that serves both. And if you have friends who compromise on their food and eat veg ‘never let them go’.

7. Pay more bill

It doesn’t matter whether you eat non-veg or not, but when it comes to splitting the money, you always pay more than what you actually consume(which actually is ok sometimes). Not to forget those friends who make fun out of you for having veg but are also the only ones who have a bigger share in your food.

8. Having egg is equal to having non-veg

First, how is it equal? Isn’t it like, people who have egg are eggiterian and not non-vegetarian. But this is always ignored (not because you don’t know, but because you’re enjoying the drama). And it is partly our fault for being okay to have cake containing egg but not being okay with just having eggs. To be honest there is no solution to this and it’s better to just laugh along with them, that way you avoid all further conversation or maybe just feel a little better.

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Add some more things you say to your vegetarian friend in the comments below!