6 Things Relatives Say When You Are About To Join College

Done with boards? Done with entrances? Done with portfolios and LORs? Done with short-listing the colleges? But wait, you still might not be ready for one thing- RELATIVES. Until the time you don’t get placed in a college, they will be the ones having sleepless nights.(Good ones make sure you do too)

Here are a few of many things they say to us before we make it to our college.

1. Beta, rank?

As soon as the result is out, even before you know it yourself, all the phones in the house are ringing because – ‘RELATIVES’. Believe me, they are way more concerned about your result than your very own self. Also, admit it- this question reminded you of your JEE Mains result. (PS- sorry if it wasn’t worth remembering!)

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2. Which college are you getting into?

If only they understood that students aren’t at the helm of this, things would’ve been way easier. Had getting into a college of our dreams was all in our hands, don’t you think most of us would have been sitting in IITs, AIIMS and SRCC?

3. “Sharma Ji ka beta/beti MIT Gaya/Gayi hai”

Papa, Madras ya Manipal?” You are confident it wasn’t Massachusetts because you know how hard it is! *rolls eyes*

How cool is it to be well informed about the admission process, entrances, fees, infrastructure, hostel accommodation etc. any college or university you’ll want to know of, at your click? Try it, for example, Manipal University.

4. A college nearby would help you keep a check on your daughter

You’ve already checked it online that there’s no good college in your hometown or anywhere near and that’s the reason you’re going to another city. For God’s sake, when will they stop prying into our matters!

5. Drop year? You need to see a psychiatrist

As if assuring parents wasn’t enough that even relatives have to be convinced of it being an absolutely normal action to take. They have to be told that you can give things a better shot by just being a little more prepared, and for sure it doesn’t mean wastage of another year.

6. Where did you go for coaching?

Even if your rank wasn’t worth telling, they’ll ask you to come over for counselling sessions with their kids. They’ll get their children enrolled in the same coaching classes you went for, the tuition you attended and get the same reference books as yours.

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Want to add some more things that the relatives say? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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