Things People Who Live Alone Will Relate To

things people who live alone will relate to

Hey readers! It’s time to talk about people who live all by themselves, including me. Who doesn’t want to live alone where no one can invade into their privacy? Living alone can either turn into bliss or a nightmare (for few days) and there are so many things people who live alone will relate to along with me.

Things People who live alone will relate to

1. You Are Your Own ‘Bawse’

things people who live alone will relate to

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Boss or bawse as Lily Singh says it (you can get the reference from YouTube). That independent feeling you get when either you have just started living alone or you have shifted from your old room to a new one with no roommate is so supreme. You feel like a bird out from a cage. You ain’t answerable to anyone for anything you do. No fights, no issues and no tension.

2. NO Morning Alarm

things people who live alone will relate to

You ain’t forced to get up at any time in morning because of your old roommate or your parents, in case you have just stepped into this independent world. You become your own alarm and that leads to your late arrival everywhere. So for important days like meetings and exams you rely entirely on your parent’s phone call or on someone reliable. Their phone calls turn out to be your new alarm. This is so me like seriously because I don’t believe on my instincts in terms of getting up early.

3. When Your Maid Doesn’t Show Up a Day

things people who live alone will relate to

This turns out to be the worst nightmare, believe me on this. As the time passes by and there’s no sign of your maid’s arrival you start worrying about  issues like cleaning dishes, the messy room which you did it intentionally last night because of your laziness in throwing unwanted stuffs into the bin, your dirty laundry etc. At the end either you leave it for the next day or do it on your own. I prefer the first one unless there’s no extra dish left to use.

4. No One To Split The Bills

Say if you want to order food you first of all search for restaurant with no or minimum order delivery options. Why? Because there’s no one to share your bill and neither to eat that extra food your are compelled to order because of that minimum order criteria. Luckily I live in a place where there’s no minimum order thing turning out to be a saviour.

5. Some Days You Feel Alone

things people who live alone will relate to

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You gotta deal with your landlord all alone because there’s no companion to join. This can be labelled as the most difficult thing to do where one seriously needs a fella.

You miss your loved ones when you are sick because there’s no one to take care of you making you feel homesick, to an extreme level.

Watching scary movies alone beats the shit out of you.

This can be an endless list. If you have more things that people who live alone will relate to then drop it in the comments section below.

Happy reading!

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