From Semen Filled Balloons To Death Threats, 7 Things Which Are Stopping India From Being An Educated Society

Education is a sphere of imparting knowledge, is what people say. However, in this educated society all I see is a herd. A herd following one thought, because it is cool. A thought because it is from a person of their religion, cast, creed and colour. I see a society of educated pin-heads who have no time to scatter the herd, burning villages and cities. I hold the ears deafened by the silence of certified brilliant who have time to analyze but no breath to stop the wrong. Yes, this is an educated society, a society filled with mechanized fools. I live in a society of pretence, whose mask is knowledge.

Real education does not stop imparting knowledge, it continues to the path of wisdom. Wisdom analyzes rules, laws and duties before following. Insight helps us to untie black cloth around the eyes. It creates a society where people co-exist without trying to change others. It creates a space where an individual does not believe in equality, but only fights for equity.

Following are the 7 things, which are stopping young educated India from becoming an educated society.

1. Semen balloons in DU

The capital of India has seen the deeper ditches filled with repulsive acts of wrongdoers. Delhi, an undeniable political capital has witnessed greatest number of cases among metros. Supposedly, most educated state to be, has a history of harassment and assaults against women whose safety is at question. It has touched a new low, of late when balloons filled with semen were thrown at women; because of ‘Bura na mano Holi hai.’ This incident is nauseating and murky. The moment festivals became another source of aggravation, we took a step back from the boundary of education.

2. Sacha Dera Riots

Every other day newspaper bathes red with the news of riots. Few in the name of God’s soldiers (try translating), while others to promote a bill in the parliament. Even Gods bleed when people burned humanity to protect a deceptive god man. Roads, which once beheld the walk of justice had to be part of a stampede to save a culprit. These blind followers were in hibernation when 70 children died due to no oxygen in hospital. How can we not differentiate the important reality and understand that violence is not a solution?

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3. Cracker Ban

Our world is witnessing phenomenas ranging from radio clouds to smog, floods to tsunami, and cold deserts to melting ice. All we can do to protect ourselves is by protecting the environment and not letting it worsen. Common sense triggers an idea of not polluting more, but the government has to spoon feed this to our citizens who proudly breaks the rule. An educated citizen foresees better future and does things, which are guiding us like a flood light.

4. Nationalism?

Have you ever questioned yourself – what is Nationalism for you? For me, it is definitely not banning Pakistani artists or boycotting the movies featuring them. Art binds people beyond differences. Real nationalism is fighting the real culprits perforating India, not the ones who migrated to earn living and entertain us. Nationalism is not a part of Xenophobia.

5. Obscenity

I will give you two real-life cases:

Case 1:

An elderly man masturbated in bus showing his private parts to a female passenger hiding his act with a bag. Even after the female passenger immediately raising an alarm, no one understood what she was saying. Everyone around quietly ignores this act and he walks out of bus clean.

Case 2:

Imagine a girl and boy sitting together laughing, giggling, holding hands nothing more or nothing less than the above act simply termed as PDA.

What is Obscene for you? Case 1 or 2. On an eminent basis, Case 2 needs more attention which created Romeo – squad. Romeo squad works on prejudice where more than eve-teasers, lovers are punished. Our definition of obscenity needs some sense to re-instil.

6. Dying next generation

Students live half their life in schools, building their knowledge and personality, but the foundation of educated society is defective. They made learning – manufacturing. At the age where they have not even lived half their life, students are committing suicide out of stress. The pressure of reaching expectations kills the essence of learning and dreams are farfetched thoughts. Instead of pacifying students, all we do is increase the burden.

Mental illness is not the only unfortunate gift received by most students, few acts of abuse and absurd behaviour. House of education witnessed a teacher stripping 70 students to check who was the reason for the menstrual blood in the washroom. Seriously, what?!

7. Reality or fiction?

Karni Sena threatened Deepika Padukone’s life to protect a historical and fictional woman ‘Rani Padmavati.’ Our judicial systems punishment to this is a warning. All those with sticks and swords, were your senses blocked when a woman was raped in daylight on the roads of Visakhapatnam. When did the protection of fiction become top priority than saving someone? People who stand like mannequins when women were groped in 2017 new year’s eve in Bangalore have a lot to say about women’s characterization in Lipstick under my Burqa.

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Knowledge, which ends at a bar before wisdom, builds a pretence of educated society. A failure to take a step towards wisdom is stopping us from becoming a real educated society.

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