7 Things To Know When You Go To College From School

It’s a huge change in lifestyle when you go to college from school. Not only are you less pressurised, but you are more responsible. And in the craze of living your college life to the fullest, you might forget some very important points-to-remember.

These are a few things that might help you through this transition phase!

1. You are the cause and effect of your actions

By this I mean to say that after you get into college you are completely responsible for your actions. Nobody will listen to your excuses and nobody will wait for you to explain. You either have the assignment or you don’t. And nobody will even bat an eye if you go downhill because where you’re going is the result of your actions. Make smart choices.

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2. It’s a self-study system

Classes and teachers will teach you, basically, nothing. All they’re going to do is give you outlines and basic ideas of what you’re studying. They might help you with resources, but it is you who has to make the efforts. It is all up to you how deep you want to know your subject. Read. Read. Read. Reading about your subject will get you places.

3. It’s no longer about marks

It’s about how much you learn. If you don’t do a particular assignment, of course, your scorecard is going to be affected, but the skill or the knowledge that you were supposed to gain from it, is gone too. This is it for your career, you want to know as much as you can because when you’re out there, the competition is rough and you want to be able to fight it head-on. Your teachers won’t even say a word to you. Remember one thing, everything you choose to skip or give less importance to is going to be purely your loss.

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4. Failing a class is a real thing

You need to be consistent with your work and your test grades. Because it won’t take them a second to just fail you in a subject and then you’ll have to suffer a lower grade point plus do the work all over again when you give the reappearing test.


5. Sleep or work?

Very important, I learned this the hard way, when everything got piled up and was looking down at me. It was scary. Remember that sleeping is important, but this is the time to shine. You get to choose how you want to spend your time. I know crawling into bed is very tempting, but get your work done! It’ll cause you less stress and in the end, you’ll realise you’ll sleep better when you do.


6. Plan ahead

Plan your week or day ahead. Plan your assignments, projects, lunches, night plans, etc. Use a diary or a notebook or an app on your phone-whatever it takes! And your planning should consist of both personal and college life so that they don’t clash. And where to-do lists are concerned, write down every small thing that you have to do during the day. And remember to check them off because when you do, it signals your brain that you’re achieving your goals no matter how small they are and it pushes you to do more! BUT the key element to to-do lists is, to check them after you make them. Haha.

7. Work smart not hard

If you know, putting your stationery and laptop in your bag before sleeping will save you time and stress in the morning, then do it. Don’t get lazy. And remember to reuse! It’s even one of the basic principles Subroto Bagchi mentioned in his book, The Professional. If you’ve made a power point presentation with a template you’re satisfied with, remember to hit save and write it down in your planner that you have a quick, ready to use template for the next time! I am an architecture student. So when we make charts to display our work, a lot of work goes into making the borders, so we save those; just cut and paste for next time or semester!


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Going to college is a big deal. In school we were in a safe harbor but in college we are the sailor. These are a few things which will hopefully help you when you go to college from school. Cheers!