Things I’m Excited For Summer

Hello everyone, now that summer is here everyone is pulling out the bright colours and shorts. It’s one of the season where everyone is travelling and living the life outside. So, here’s a list of things I’m excited for this summer.

BEACHES: I live in Chennai, so there’s a lot of options for us when it comes to beaches. It’s always nice to go to beach and feel the warm breeze. It just makes you feel summery right away. According to me having a beach day is a must in summer with your family just to have a get together and have fun.

FASHION: Me, being a fashion blogger, I’m most excited for the summer fashion trends to blow up this season. It’s fun to try new things and buy new clothes and wear this all fresh and new. You know? I feel like nautical theme is the summer trend this year and I’m not mad about that.

FRUITS: What shouts summer than fresh fruits? I mean, coming home to freshly cut watermelon or mangoes is the best feeling after a long hot day outside. Do you get me? Also, how can we forget the good old coconut water? Life can’t be hard that moment.

TRAVEL: As summer is here, people have already started planning for vacations and I couldn’t be more excited. I feel like this season is the time where we all are active and explore the world. So if you haven’t planned a vacation or a getaway yet, I suggest you to do so.

HOLIDAYS: Let’s be real, people who are in college or school will be waiting for their summer holidays to start and so am I. Holidays can be sometimes very boring and that is the time you find a hobby or an interest into something and that would definitely help you in improving your newly found appreciation towards something. Go find a new hobby and make it as a talent. We’re here for you to encourage.

I hope you guys liked this post! Thank you.

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