5 Things Every Cat Owner Will Relate To

Cats make for some of the cutest pets ever, with the soft paws and the fuzzy nose. They can also be the opposite of that at times when they attack you with their teeth and nails. All that aside, keeping a cat as a pet is surely a memorable experience of one’s life. Traits of animals are more or less the same and here, we list things cat owners will relate to!

Things cat owners will relate to – 

1. Sudden attacks on you

Whether you are lying about doing your own thing or deliberately provoking them to come to you with hand gestures, cats won’t ever walk straight to you. They’ll shake their tiny bottom, pounce and attack you with full force. This is usually their invitation to play with them, but it can seriously end up hurting their owners.

One moment it’s like this-

A person's hand gently stroking a tabby cat lying on a bed

…and at the other –

A kitten baring its teeth in a yawn

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2. Waking up to see them in your bed

You’re lying in your bed with a comfortable sheet over you when you move your leg and end up kicking your cat across the bed. Once their owner is asleep, they will come and comfortably nestle somewhere in the cosiest spot of the bed, usually around your legs or beneath your arms.

A tabby cat snuggling to a person lying in bed

3. Being followed around the house

Cats apparently won’t ever show you any form of affection or love but will automatically end up in whatever part of the house you are in; and when they see no member of the family in the house other than you, be rest assured that they will follow you around, trying to fiddle with whatever you are doing.

…and sometimes to the wedding.

4. Seeing them occupy almost every cosy, empty space

Open a box, your cat will come and sit inside it. Freshly laundered clothes? They will make themselves comfortable. Left a book open? They will occupy half of it, becoming bookmarks. There is no new place they see that they don’t want to investigate or sniff before settling.

5. Being ignored

Owning a cat as a pet literally acquaints you with the pain and acceptance of one-sided love and relationships because that is exactly the kind of bond they share with you. You could go around calling them and pulling them towards you, but they will remain indifferent. Don’t worry though, they still love you.

Image result for owner ignored by cat

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Are you a cat owner? If not, tag your friends who are! Also, if you have some more points to add to the list do let us know in the comments below!