Things To Do With Friends After Quarantine Is Over

Things to do with friends after quarantine
Things to do with friends after quarantine

Wondering about the things to do with friends after quarantine is over?

Yeah, we all are under Lockdown and can’t wait to get it over. Everything was nice and the world was a beautiful place until Feb.

The Coronavirus came and locked us in our homes. Us, the extroverts would have never thought about it even in our wildest dreams.

If you are also missing your friends, you are not alone. Those fun activities you used to do before Lockdown, all those plans, shattered!

But this Lockdown has taught us a lot as well. It has shown us the importance of people in our lives. The friends and the moments we used to take for granted, we are badly missing them now.

We all are stuck on our phones throughout the day, on zoom calls and gaming apps hoping that this will end soon.

But be positive and think about the days when all this will be over. When you’ll again get to see your friends. Think about the amazing and fun things to do with your friends after the lockdown.

You can do a lot actually. The plans you all were postponing for long because of your office hours. COVID lockdown has taught us the importance of people and time in our lives.

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Here are 10 fun things to do with friends after quarantine is over

1. Plan a trip to your favorite travel destination

Once this is over and flights are back on track, make sure you plan to travel the world. Life is unpredictable and this world has a lot to offer us.

Explore this beautiful planet. From hills to beaches, there are hundreds of places you can go to. Discuss and try to find a destination that fits everyone.

Don’t worry about the money this time. Go all out.

You won’t get these people and life back. Remember, YOLO.

2. A bang on Houseparty after quarantine

If you can’t afford to travel due to financial or some other reasons, make sure you don’t miss out on the party.

Plan a wild party. Invite your friend’s crushes.

Afterall, it’s time to move from Houseparty and go back to our traditional Houseparty.

Things to do with friends after quarantine

Stock up your booze. Decorate the house. And make sure that the party never stops.

You can also divide you friends into groups and plan different House parties with them.

3. Meet your friend’s crush/spouse

Were you ignoring this for really long? It’s time!

Go meet them and try to make them join your gang.

Try to plan some activities with them as well. A meet-up party would be great.

Know their fun side and show them the unseen side of your gang.

4. A watch party session with your friends

Most of the OTT platforms have postponed the release of their shows due to technical roadblocks.

When all this will be over, you’ll have plenty of new shows. Many movies that were not released during the lockdown will be released too.

You can plan a good watch party day. Invite everyone over and have gossip over a movie.

Watch party

Anyways, you all have a lot to talk about. Afterall, you are meeting after a couple of months.

Utilize this opportunity and speak your heart out. You won’t get this moment again.

5. Surprise a Friend by a ‘post-birthday’ party

Is there anyone in your group who has missed this birthday celebration due to COVID?

It’s time to make them feel special.

If you’re not reading this post together, plan a birthday bash for them. Don’t tell them, of course!

Try to do all the things that they like. COVID times were hard. And missing their birthday must’ve made it harder for them.

It’s time to show your friendship and make them feel special.

6. Organize a Spa session once the lockdown is over

Ah, you must’ve missed this, no?

Organize a spa session with your besties. Plan things in advance and prepare everything beforehand.

Again, this can be a good gossip session for you all.

7. A Play station/Xbox get together

We all have missed FIFA. FIFA must’ve missed us too.

There is no fun like playing Playstation together with friends. Choose a day on the weekend and plan a PlayStation session.

Play station with friends

Get some snacks sorted. Get some booze. A doobie if you guys prefer it.

Beat em’ all.

8. Cook something with your friends after quarantine

Since we all learnt some cooking during the time, time to show-off.

Cook together. Make the recipes you learned during the lockdown and talk about those old days.

Believe it or not, Lockdown taught us a lot, no? From cooking to living, a much-needed break from our daily lives.

9. Go for a picnic with your besties

Some people don’t like long travels that much. You guys can figure out a picnic spot in your city.

Get some games to play. If you are okay with kids, you can ask you friends to bring their nieces and nephews and well.

Things to do with friends after quarantine

A good sunny picnic day can be more relaxing sometimes. And yeah, don’t forget to get a proper food supply.

Avoid if you live in hot climatic conditions. Don’t torture yourself.

10. Post lockdown Pool Party

Booze, pool, and food.

Since, the quarantine is over now it’s to relive those moments again. Go for a pool party.

Drink and go wild. Didn’t you miss this? You did, no?

Ah, this quarantine has taught us a lot. Life is unpredictable.

Pool party

You don’t know what’ll happen tomorrow. Today you’re chilling on the beach and tomorrow you might be asked to stay at your home for 6 months.

So, live your life to the fullest. Do whatever you want to do and stop postponing your plans.

What are the things you’re planning to do with your friends after quarantine?

After all, YOLO.

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