13 Things All The CA Students Can Relate To

Zindabad! Zindabad! CA students Zindabad! They deserve all the appreciation and zindabads for the risk they get themselves into. This is worse than fear-factor and harder than surviving in a big-boss house. Although the shining shrine on top of the hill attracts one at the foot; thorns, bushes, dangerous animals and a gushing water at the end are some never-ending troubles they face. There are so many things CA students can relate to. Few elves fall into the pit and walk out doomed; while other few continue their combat.

All of them have one thing in common. Experiences! If you were ICAI asylums new maniac, you would definitely relate to the following things CA Student can relate to:

1. Cheese trap of coaching institutes

Tom wins real life Tom&Jerry game. The cheese in cage attracts every Jerry and they are stuck until the end. Coaching Institutes’ trap costs fortune, more than what we pay to ICAI. Their integrated packages are just sweet coating on Karela, this is one of the things CA students can relate to.

If only our coaching classes were this fancy!

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2. CA is not a qualification, it is a tag of pride.

The tag of CA student is enough to make our parents proud. Everything changes when you join CA. People start believing that you are determined, hard-working and acchi-bachi who only knows books. (Wrong perception 😛) But one of the things CA students can relate to is – CA is not just a qualification, it is a tag of pride, a way of living.

3. Xerox machine is a duck who lays golden eggs

Recently a ‘Xerox’ shopkeeper beside our institute bought a Mercedes. Nah! Kidding! Although I bet, his earning will be much more than my own tutor’s. Books he get to Xerox urges me to buy my own and open another beside his’.

4. Family party and gatherings are the hypothetical spaces we dream about

“Dono groups ke liye prepare karna hai. Bahot zyada syllabus baaki hai.”

-Common dialogue you hear from every CA student.

Few people even forget that we exist in the family. After few gatherings, at the end of the party, they will remember us. Updates from cousins are like toppings on the frustration we sit on.

5. Festivals are just another days we sit through

Diwali? Sorry, what? We have exam day after tomorrow. This is the fate of every November IPCC student. Holi? What’s that? My May exams are around the corner and even if you think there’s still a month for that, there isn’t. Preparation time can never be enough for us. We have got RTPs and MTPs to solve. Oh! Have you started answering MCQs yet? 

6. We have holidays when everyone else is busy with their work

One of the things CA students can relate to – when we are ready to pack our bags and paddle boats, our non-CA friends are busy with their Mids and Sems. Importantly, our engineering friends/cousins who bunk classes all the time poking into our eyes are too busy to answer calls.

Those can’t even be considered proper holidays. Who is going to attend ICITSS Information Technology and Orientation course? And by the time we finish it, we get our results and we start studying again either for our re-attempt or for our finals. We need to study for the entire Articleship period to excel in our Finals, ain’t we?

And with luck if we did go on some vacation for our holidays, this is probably what it’d look like-

7. “Beta, Which year are you in”?

Okay! CA students unite – isn’t this by far the most irritating question we have all faced from our relatives? How should we make them understand, there are no years in CA. CPT, IPCC, Articleship and Final are not years, they are stages. *Face Palm* 

Yup! Same!

8. The most annoying question, which crumples us like a paper – Which attempt?

Why do you want to know? Would you like to write our exam? If no, why?

There comes another annoying set of people patting each other on backs, “Oh, sorry. Do not worry, you will pass next time. By the way, I completed in the first attempt.

We just hate talking about ‘Attempts’. Can we delete that word from the dictionary, please?

9. PhD in failing 

We were honoured toppers until college. Failing is an untouched cliff we never reached until CA. One of the things CA students can relate to is now, we have failed so many times that it doesn’t make any sense. We start brooding and get used to the glares. We live the quote, “Try and try until you succeed.”

10. Ticket to titanic ship

When you pass your CPT and IPCC, you know you have boarded the ship after a lot of struggles. This is worse than winning tickets. Walk around under the sun holding CVs to find your own butcher. Once you get in, you will find ring masters, our seniors whose drama is never-ending.

Call the client. Take books. Do vouching. Prepare financials. File ROC.

Can you please breathe or at least let us breathe? They expect two days’ work to be done in one day. How? Please show us.

Credits: fbmemes.com

11. Masters of excel and Tally

We master the skills of excel and Tally. We know all the shortcuts and at any given point, we can do it with swag.

things CA students can relate to

12. Multi-tasking is the forte 

We do our graduation along with CA. Taking a few steps ahead, we even complete our M.com/MBA. We excel multi-tasking. We simultaneously have many certificates. Even though I doubt whether we have developed the right personality.

CA students

13. Future Plans

Future is uncertain and our uncertainty is uncertain. We don’t know when we will qualify and become CA, but our plans after CA are written and stored. Books we would like to read and the road we would like to take. We have no idea whether we will pass or not; but have seen ourselves signing on the dots.

A person standing on top of a ladder in the clouds.

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And when we finally become a Chartered Accountant-

Yup! There’s no one stopping us from this.

We may or may not become CAs; but once, we were all CA students and these were few things CA students can relate to. Share your experiences with us in the comments below.