6 Things That Every Boy Should Be Taught At An Early Stage In His Life

things boys should be taught

The cruelty towards women and on girl child is at peak. Some cruel men have no humanity at all. There are quite a number of preconceived notions such as “boys will be boys”. To stand out in life there are things boys should be taught that will lead them to be a better man. The news of the rape of a child made me write on this topic. So, how are you going to be a true man?

Here are 6 things boys should be taught about true manhood.


The first thing that every boy should learn is about giving respect to women. It is vital that young boys learn to accept the authority of their mother, otherwise, they will grow into adults that do not take women seriously. This is also required in the realm of physical contact. When children don’t get something that they want, they may tend to push or grab. That must be corrected or else it might develop into a personal culture of invading someone’s space, without their permission.

things boys should be taught

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All boys grow into adults, but only some grow into men. Good men place the needs of their families before their own. They are compassionate and caring inside even if they are strong and quiet outside. Fortunately, good men ‘want’ the people around them to be happy and fulfilled. Real men will stand up for what they believe in, always.

What boys should be taught


A boy doesn’t learn the lesson of making his case for getting what he wants. Compromise and sacrifice are concepts that need to be taught because they come from the social contact, not since birth. Giving and taking is natural. The act of respecting the wants of others, needs to be taught at an early age, because it is nearly impossible to influx this in an adult.

things to teach your son about life


Everyone has feelings and this ridiculous thinking in our society that it’s not okay for men to cry. This couldn’t be any more wrong. Everyone cries. The difference is, not everybody shows their sensitive side to the world. Real men should feel comfortable with, if not proud of, having to let themselves be upset every once in a while. Stifling their problems will only lead to bigger issues down the road.

things boys should be taught


Research has shown that violent or aggressive behaviour is often learned early in life. Boys should definitely learn to assert themselves and stand up for the ones they love. Help them understand that it takes more courage and leadership to resist violence than to embrace it. A man can truly prove his worth by being calm with firm and by standing up against violence.

what to teach your teenage son


Na’ sirf shabd nahi hai, apne aap mein pura vaakya hai.

As in PINK movie, Amitabh Bachchan Sir said: ” ‘Na’ sirf shabd nahi hai, apne aap mein pura vaakya hai.” This goes for a lot of things. Teach boys not to be the one constantly peer pressuring their friends into doing something that could get them into trouble or injured. Of course, as boys grow older, they should know that it’s never okay to touch anyone, male or female, without their permission. And even if that person was initially okay with it, if they decide to say no, the answer stays no.

things boys should be taught
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These are things boys should be taught at a young age, but it’s never too late to begin something good in you.

These are few things boys should be taught to be a better person. What do you think? Do let us know in the comment section below!