These Pictures Are So Satisfying, You Cannot Stop Scrolling!


Are you one of those people who delights in order and symmetry? Do you find pleasure in color coordination, perfectly arranged stuff on the shelf and perfectly un-peeling a banana, maybe? Are you one of those who used to love peeling the glue off your hands, and it gave you some sort of pleasure?Image result for glue on hands gifWe all like the feeling of satisfaction. This feeling is so good, that you wanna experience it more and more. If so, I promise you that these pictures will satisfy your soul. 

Here we have a few pictures for you, to make you feel good, and satisfy the perfectionist in you.

1. The way this is glazing

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2. How even on earth can you make a snowball that PERFECT!

3. I am hungry already, but I am eating them with my eyes right now as well

4. I wonder how they managed to get the last one 

5. I might drop the idea of grabbing one 

6. My hands are ITCHING!

7. I cannot even perfect the flower they make from the leftover of sharpen pencils 

8. Let’s play some other day. NOT TODAY! NOT RIGHT NOW! THIS URGH!

9. These cubes! Perfect cubes! *Speechless* 

10. The artist in me is craving to try this 

11. I bump into corridors and walls 

12. If you give me this, I may never drink it *just saying*

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13. Good night

I sometimes feel I got OCD. I swearrrrr! I don’t complaint if I get to see these amazing things.

Let us know in comments, which of these was the most satisfying one and helped you swallow this rough day.