The Tale Of Three Brothers: You’re Not A Potterhead If You Don’t Know This

The Tale Of Three Brothers
The Tale Of Three Brothers

The Tale Of Three Brothers

Tales are the joyous part of childhood. Stories of Snow white, Aladin, bravery, greed and others have always been fascinating to the children even now.But when you are a Potterhead that one tale you have heard is “The tale of three brothers“.

The tale of three brothers

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A piece from J.K. Rowling’s renowned magic world, the tale of three brothers came alive with the ideas of Brandon Doyen and Sydney Hazzard. The students of New England school of communications created a movie for the fans based on the story of the tale of three brothers.

The tale of three brothers film was premiered on May 4, 2014, which included a caste of 11 actors under the direction of Brandon Doyen.

The film starts with Harry Potter’s great-grandfather reading a bedtime story to his grandson James. The story about the three brothers, their accidental meet with the death and the gifts of death, popularly known as ‘The Deathly Hallows’. The movie ends with the climax where James and his grandfather hears the knock and James were asked to hide inside the blanket when his grandfather leaves out of the door.

This incident shows the reason why Harry received the cloak of invisibility as an ancestral gift from someone unknown. Stating the fact that the youngest brother of Peverelle, who received the cloak from Death was none other than Harry’s great-grandfather.

The tale of three brothers

The film gave the fandom of Harry Potter and his life’s mysteries a new face.

Every little bit of Harry Potter’s life has found new mysteries and the fans have questioned many and even answered some. Hogwarts hides a tale of many unknown facts. Now revealing things bit by bit. Started from the tale of three brothers, the fantastic beasts and much more to come.


  • Ken Stack as Grandfather
  • Nathan Manaker as Grandson
  • Brandon Wardwell as Antioch Peverell
  • Sean Plourde as Cadmus Peverell
  • Gabriel Clarke as Ignotus Peverell
  • Emma Campbell as Death
  • Michael P. Gleason as Phillip
  • Dennis Hamrick as Ron
  • Macey Jennings as Josephine
  • Ron Lisnet as Victor
  • Susan Gossett as Grandmother (voice only)

The tale of three brothers

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