The Route Between Mandi House to Pragati Maidan Will Give You Hope

After a long and tiring day, you come back home with new projects and new deadlines to meet, a new list of items to be bought, new bills to pay, and what not? But what about a new ray of hope? Where did you lose it?

Amidst keeping track of all the things and situations, you have forgotten about the sunshine, the warmth and the positivity, hope provides. In this life full of technological advances, which are making your life easier or rather full of chaos, you’ve forgotten about hope.

Travelling daily from home to work, and vice-versa, have you ever noticed the roads, the traffic signals, the trees, the fellow commuters, or even the Sun?

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Stop for a moment and think.

Ponder over the beauty of nature. Don’t rush to get back to home. Just walk silently and breathe. If you have had a bad day, accept it. Try to work harder and qualitatively better.

Life’s is like a metro, and the underground stations are just like the gloomy days which pass as life continues. One need not feel sad about it. The announcements of the metro are like the messages which keep on telling you that hope will be back again, and soon you’ll see the Pragati Maidan metro station for which you were thinking about and that’s when you know that you’ve hope.

Hope is not constant. It sometimes gets vanished away due to circumstances, which are the underground metro station. We just need to hear and trust the announcements which are being made so that we can reach our destination.

Also, the reason I wrote Mandi House and Pragati Maidan is that the route between them has literally given me hope, as Mandi House being an underground station is all dark, and while moving towards the Pragati Maidan station, the sunshine, the warmth, the traffic, and the people can be seen as the metaphor for hope.

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Thak gaye ho na tum bhi is raftaar bhari zindagi se?

Koi ummeed nahi, koi rang nahi, bas kal ki chinta me aaj ka suraj dubta hua dekh rahe ho.

Manzil ka to pata nahi hai, par safar pura hota hua dekh rahe ho.

Kuch pal ruko aur ek baar aas-paas niharo, kya pata manzil to paa li ho, bas tum thoda dur nikal aaye ho.

Do you still have hope? If not, why have you lost it? Share your views with us in the comments below!