The perfection of DEVIL!

I cant decide from where i should start?
Your eyes, who ever sees it ,wish to see deeper into it. They will notice that the shades are getting stronger and stronger . They would hope that there may be light inside it, but they wont see the soft and soothing satisfaction that your eyes give to someone’s heart.

Your cheeks, if blush would be something alive then it would live over your cheeks because that is where it suits most.
Your nose, perfectly structured, even God was extremely careful while sculpturing it. Maybe he was preparing to make whole world burn out of jealousy that no one deserves what he was planning for you.

Your lips, ravishingly attractive, the honey dripping out of it in the form of you voice, perfecting the sweetest audible sound which could inspire the nightingale to sing a lullaby, that foolish piece of chocolate which would drip over your lips peeve off the heart of wondering soldier. The classic pout defines how a pair of lip seduce someone in an innocent manner.

You hair, even the softness of waterfall will fail if compared, a feather which will try to stick to it but the silkiness part will ruffle off and the reflection will be back to glare off the eyes of the observer and hence protecting you from devil’s eye.

I wonder how can all these traits hinders the narcissism. The excessive pride will destroy you still someone choose to be by your side to protect from all the misery of life….