Are You A Night Owl? You’ve A Higher Brain Activity Than Morning Larks

There are two kinds of legends, one who wake up at 5 and others who go to sleep at 5 in the morning. The latter ones being better though.

– Anonymous

Why do people sleep at night? People work throughout the day, finish their work before the sun sets, go to their homes and do nothing but sleep. I don’t know if it has been mentioned somewhere or not, but I still feel, that this theory of working in the day and sleeping at night is a bit over rated!!

Have you ever spent a night reading a book, have you ever spent a night writing a story or poetry or something else more creative? Most of you would say “NO”, but “YES”, you would have spent a night watching a movie or partying with friends. Everybody loves to do that, isn’t it? Now the bigger question is, ‘How can we be different by getting up the whole night’?

Everyday people wear a fake mask of a different personality and spend their whole day carrying the load of it, trying to fulfill the expectations of others and trying to force fit themselves into this society. When we come back home after faking a smile the whole day, we feel relaxed because, we are no more anyone else, and we are what we actually are. And this is exactly what the people, who we know are successful today, do. They believed in being different. Doing different things or even doing the same things in different ways is what they do. They changed the rules of the world. They changed them for themselves, and didn’t care what the world would say.

This is the power of Night. When there is silence all over, we get answers to a lot of our questions. We get time to talk to ourselves and introspect ourselves. There is no one around, for whom we step into someone else’s shoes, We are what We are. As has been said,

Silence is never Empty, it is always full of Answers.

 Get more from life people. Have a great Night..!!

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