The Next Thing You Would Want To Search On YouTube

The next thing you would want to search on YouTube should make you laugh, isn’t it? Indian YouTubers have come up with amazing content to entertain you. One of them is of course roasting. With it’s increasing popularity we see a lot of roasters coming up to the platform to experiment it.

Here is a roaster, Hooder. Formally known as Your Guy Hooder is a boy from Mumbai, who’s real name is Deep Thapar. His entertaining nature is widely appreciated by the viewers. In a conversation with The MagZone, Hooder spoke about how being a YouTuber is good and bad at times, he said “Being a YouTuber is good because who doesn’t like attention, we get love from our viewers and followers; which is something we work for. Also, sometimes people start disliking your content and get on all platforms to demotivate and share their hatred which seems bad.”

His audiences always show a huge response to his uploads, one of his best-known videos is a roast on Dhinchak Pooja.

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He addressed how pranksters have corrupted YouTube India. This very well known roaster has recently voiced his opinion about the Indian Roasting community on YouTube. Here is all that you need to know about what is going on.

He talks about how one of the most popular pranksters in India, Crazy Sumit did something unimaginable.

In this video, he basically talked a bit about himself and after 2 mins in the video, he addresses what is happening on YouTube these days, i.e YouTube Roasting community.

Hooder also told TheMagZone“We started roasting with the idea of doing it for fun, today some in the Roasting community dragged it to insulting which is wrong.”

Drop your views about Hooder, the roaster in the comments section below. Also share with us your favorite video by him.

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