This Mother’s Day Don’t Just Wish Your Mother; But Also Wish The Little Girl In Her

This is not just to the mother who raised us.

This is to the little girl;  Who raised herself to be our mother.

One day while watching television
I randomly looked at my mother,
And for the first time ever
I really noticed her. Those wrinkles
On her face had a story unheard. Untold.
I saw how she has aged over the years
And how I have almost forgotten to
Notice the change in the luster of her skin.
And that realization hit me hard.

Dear Mom, since my birth I’ve always
Thought of your role as my mother.
I’ve asked and expected from you
To take care of all my needs;
Right from those baby needs to
Food, laundry, piggy backing,
To handling my teenage mood swings
And youthful tantrums. You did it all.
Amidst all the chaos I created for you,
I had almost forgotten that just like me;
There is a little girl in you too.
That little girl who was asked to grow up
Just so that she could take care of me.
Carrying me as a child in her arms
To carrying me in her heart as an adult.
To the little girl who grew up
In a totally different era than mine.
And yet for me; Learnt the modern day Technology; Reminds me of her first text.
I’m sorry I never thanked that little girl
In you; For making that journey.

From a girl to Mom; Or anything that I asked
For you to be. Maybe I can never really
Thank you enough for the role you played
And the role model that you are today;
But I definitely can never make it up
To that little girl in you who is still there.
Lost. Hiding. Wandering. Peeking.
So today on this special day,
I thank you and that little girl in you;
For always being there for me
In ways I never knew a person can be.
And I promise you; To take care & to love
You; And that little girl in you too.

Maybe we always think that maybe we will get one more chance to make it up to our loved ones. And we keep waiting until one day when it’s too late. Don’t ever do that again because ‘now’ is the only chance you’ll ever get.

Get some flowers for your mother
And some balloons for that little girl.
And take along lots of gratitude.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers and all the single Fathers who are no less than a mother.

This is to you. And that little kid in you.

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