The Interpretation of My Choice

my choice

The Interpretation of My Choice.

Life gives u only two choices either to follow the path it wants you to or to make your own path.

I choose the second one because there is no fun without a tough run.

I was born a girl, being one is my choice. And my choice doesn’t mean the choice of Barbie, cars, but it means the choice of being weak or strong. The choice to depend on someone or to be independent.

My choice means SLAVERY or FREEDOM.

If I’m given a preference to choose it doesn’t mean I’m allowed to rule but it means that I’m given the power to decide what is right or wrong, the power to differentiate between being a woman and acting like a woman.

The insult and the appreciation is both in our hands, it totally depends on the choice we make.

It is never about EGO and RIGHTS, it is about wrong and right because it is my duty to maintain the morality of “Being a woman”

This is my choice that I learn to surf or make them learn to surf.