The Acidic Revenge

I was all dressed up for the big day
My job brought laurels to my parent’s name
My friend picked me up from home
And happily I said – “I’m gonna prove my worth today” .

But the next moment I felt my face burning,
It was like I was eating myself up
I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me
All I heard was laughs, screams and cries.

I woke up to see people around me
Whose faces read emotions of sympathy and grief,
And then I lifted my hand to touch my face
Just to realise that I was the victim of a vitriol attack.

Chemistry was my favorite subject in school days.
But never knew sulfuric and nitric acid could do this to a human face
They told me the attackers are caught,
Choosing career over marriage is the cause.

I wanted to build a future for me
Before my identity was tied to another name
But their ego surpassed them
And my face shows their revenge

I’m dealing with the scar they gave to my soul
But the way they all look, gives me strain
I am a strong woman
And I’ll build my castle again.