Road To Infinity War : Tracking Back The 6 Infinity Stones

The 6 Infinity Stones

Yes! Yes! Did you see it? It is out! Marvel cinematic universe after 9 years released the first trailer of Avengers Infinity War. Although, we will watch the movie on the screens after 10 years, 2018. The released Trailer is making it hard to wait.

Avengers Infinity War features Marvels powerful Villain Thanos who is in love with the personification of Mistress Death. So, he set himself on an infinity stone collection crusade to become supreme power. The war arises between Thanos and Marvel superheroes to protect Infinity Stones slipping into Infinity Gauntlet; but where are they?

the 6 infinity stones

Let’s revise where infinity stones are and try to take hints from the trailer.

1. Power stone

In the trailer, even before Thanos attach blue stone i.e., space stone in the gauntlet, power stone is sitting in its place. This reminds us of the first appearance of the stone in Guardians of Galaxy 1 where our guardians secure the stone and hand it over to ‘Nova Corps’. Does this mean Thanos already destroyed the ‘Xander’ planet for securing this stone? If so, then the ruins are of Xander.

the 6 infinity stones

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2. Space stone

This appeared in the Tesseract as an energy source to open the portal in the Avengers. At the end of this, it was taken to Asgard and secured in the Odin’s Chamber by Thor.

the 6 infinity stones

Thor – Ragnarok:

At the end of the movie, Thor and Loki witnessed a huge ship. Through leaked trailer, we knew that Thor will end up on the windshield of ‘Guardians Ship’ and in the trailer, we saw him standing inside the ship with them. So, Thanos might have destroyed the ship to secure space stone.

The trailer also presented Loki holding the Tesseract. He might have offered it to Thanos in the bargain of securing Guardians life. (I think now Loki is on Heroes side. Hope so.) On earth, Spider-Man witnesses a circular ring, which can be either a space ship or a portal opener. If it is a portal opener Thanos might have used space stone.

This brings us to the point where we can confirm, he landed on earth after destroying Planet Xander and Asgardian Ship.

the 6 infinity stones

3. Reality stone

This stone appeared in the Thor – The Dark World in liquid form as Aether. This is later given to collector for safe keeping. Maybe Guardians will run it with Thor to protect it or maybe they will lose it too. They might even meet Thanos. Guess so!

the 6 infinity stones

4. Mind stone

In the Avengers – Age of Ultron we have seen Mind Stone embodied into Vision who eventually killed Ultron. In the recent trailer of Infinity war, we can see Thanos or maybe through the weapon used, we can assume it as one of the armies of Thanos. Most probably Proxima Mid-Night, Thanos child.

the 6 infinity stones

Scarlet Witch:

As we can see, Vision and Scarlet Witch are enjoying good domestic life, with him in human form, Scarlet might have fought with him. Apparently, which they lost. We can also see Scarlet smiling, this can be said seeing Tony Stark and Banner with Doctor Strange or maybe Captain America coming into light after years. Interesting! We have to wait and see whom she watched coming.

the 6 infinity stones

Tony and the mystery hand:

How can we forget the hand Tony is holding with teary eyes in the trailer? This can be Spydie’s hand who was fighting on a circular ring in his new stark suite or maybe Vision’s after mind stone extraction. Where will this leave Vision in the war?

5. Time stone

We can see it still stuck in the eye of Agamotto hanging down Dr Strange’s neck. We can also see Hulk crashing the Sanctum. Maybe he crash landed after the destruction of an Asgardian ship as he was last seen in the Hulk form with Thor. We can also see Tony Stark with Banner, Strange and Wong with a phone.

the 6 infinity stones

Tony and mystery hand (Continued):

Another theory can be, the hand held by Tony can be of Captain America. Do you remember the nightmare Scarlet Witch opened in Tony’s mind?  So, that can be Captain’s hand too. If so, then Tony must have used the phone Steve left for him after the Civil war, which we can clearly see him holding while standing in the sanctum.

We can also see Tony opening the door of Sanctum and going out into the chaos. Does that mean Thanos tracked the ‘Time Stone’ to its source? It is possible after Dr Strange’s last appearance in the Dark World to bargain Dormammu.

Dr Strange:

If Dr Strange can use his power and bring back some characters for help, it would be fun to have Quicksilver and Agent Coulson.

6. Soul Stone

This stone is yet to be revealed in MCU. Although few theories say that it is graved in the armour of Heimdall from which he harnesses his power. Another theory can be from the anticipation of upcoming MCU movie Black Panther. Wakanda might hold the stone.

the 6 infinity stones

Captain America in Wakanda:

We can see black shadow facing Proxima Mid-night, who can be Captain America. Maybe he is protecting the stone. We can also see Thano’s alien army faced by Black Panther, Captain America, War machine, Falcon, Black Widow, Hulk, and Dorm Elisha. Why will Thanos plan an attack in Wakanda without a strong reason? That strong reason must be Vibranium or the Soul Stone.


We can see Hulk and War Machine being part of the war with Captain America. So, Iron man would have called Captain America and intimated about the danger. Then why is he not using his shield, which he left with Iron Man in the Civil war? Instead, we see him using Vibranium Gauntlets. We can also see the buster arm with Banner. Can we anticipate iron man or is that banner himself in the buster.

the 6 infinity stones

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Amidst all the predictions and theories, the best part is the trailer released and the movie will release in 2018. Although we cannot wait, we can bruise trailer re-watching. The narrating voices reminiscing Avengers 1 by Nick Fury and our superheroes not only leave us with goosebumps but also with excitement.

Do you have more theories related to the 6 Infinity Stones? Share with us in the comment section below!