17 Texting Words We Use In Our Daily Conversations

Gone are the days when people exchanged formalities! Gone are the days of awkwardness and untouchability. Now, we don’t think twice or thrice before reaching out to a stranger. Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Networking Sites have opened a way for us to make new friends. Friends, who we haven’t met at least once in our lives, become best friends. Such are these days and the generation prevailing. With a change in our characters and mindsets, you know what else changed? Words! Words which were once thought of as ‘bad’ are now termed as ‘trendy’ and ‘funky’.

People stopped saying ‘Sssh’ to obscenities and accepted them as the trend of today’s generation. Words that were meant to be in the private folds of cell phone chat screens have evolved into something more. They walked into the world of conversations!

We’ve brought to you, a few such words (English only), which we often use in speech. Do let us know if we’ve missed any!

1. Savage/Sick

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Slowly but steadily, this word, ‘Savage‘ made its mark in the world of conversations. Previously a negative word, now it is used to describe something remarkable.

“Hey, man, I got myself a girlfriend last night!”

“You’re so sick!” or “You’re savage!”

Sick is a variant of ‘savage’. It is used today in a positive sense.

2. Bae

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A short form of ‘before anyone else’, this word, ‘bae’, is now not just limited to texts on SNS. Earlier this word was used in regards to a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But now, even friends are bae! It is also used as a variant for ‘cute’.

“Bae, you’re so bae!”

3. SUP?

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In an attempt to reduce the number of letters in a text message, we’ve dropped the phrase “What’s up?” We’ve picked up “Wassup?” Even that seemed to be lengthy. Hence came the shortest variant, “SUP?

“Yo, ‘sup?”

4. Tbh

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Still, this word is used in the world of texting. But every now and then, I heard people using it while they speak. I really don’t understand why people prefer saying ‘tbh’ to ‘To be honest‘.

“Tbh, I really hate bell peppers!”

5. Swag

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This word evolved from “Cool”. Today’s trends come under ‘Swag’. Also, it tells about the attitude and behaviour of a person. A person with extremely cool attitude is #swag.

6. Hashtag (#)

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It is used to urge others to tag you or anything else in their posts, especially, in conversations. Funny thing was when I had a small disagreement with my friend, she just cut the phone call saying, “Hashtag bye!” It was damn hilarious!

7. Fuck (Flipping the finger)

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This is a blunder among words! Never use it in conversations is what I’ve learned. But when I started college, I immediately learned that this word and the bird finger are “Conversation starters”, “Bro codes” and not what actually the word meant in the dictionary. Still, we can’t use this word with our elders, mind you!

8. Lit

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The Instagram word for stories! Party? “Lit!” An outing with friends? “Lit!”

9. Yaaasss

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Extreme satisfaction and enjoyment convert “Yes” to “Yaaassss”. Higher the enjoyment, greater are the number os a’s and s’s in “Yas”.

10. Yup

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It’s a common word, right?


11. Nope

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A swag word for ‘No’. Why? ‘Coz saying no is too formal.

12. Slay

Remember “Nailed it!”? Yeah? Right! Slay is the word for it now.

13. Bro/Bruh

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This is a special mention because, genders aside, the word ‘Bro’ is used for any kind of platonic love.

“We’re Bros and it is Bro code!”

14. Dude

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‘Dude’ is the most overused text slag in conversations. You can find 7 out of 10 people using this word. And, at one point, it starts to hurt our ears!

15. Lol

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An acronym for “Laugh Out Loud“, Lol is a conversation starter when you want to do it with laughs and guffaws.

16. Beep

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We know what are beep words, right? In texts, this word is used in the form of asterisks (*). If you want to say ‘Shit’, in texts, it goes like this, “sh*t”. A bit formal but not too much. Instead of spelling it as an asterisk in conversations, we use ‘Beep’. Just beep the word, dude!

17. AF

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AF is “As f**k”. Ahem. It can’t be used in full in environments void of our best mates. So, you can just say “I’m hungry af” and nobody gives a damn.

These are some words that walked into the world of our conversations, making them funny and true to our characters.

We’ve covered most of them but if you know a few more, do let us and other readers know by naming them in the comments below!