Take This Test To Find Out Whether Or Not You Are Prone To Depression

One of the most gravely increasing concerns today is the increasing number of suicides around the world. Out of all the factors contributing to an increase in suicide, the prime role is played by depression. Depression is a term often used loosely to describe how we feel after a bad week at work or when we’re going through a hard phase. 

Usually, the questionnaires prepared to appraise depression contains symptoms modified into questions. Thus, the knowledge of these symptoms on the respondent’s part may contaminate or manipulate the results. However, this test will put you into hypothetical situations requiring you to make a decision or choose a behavior which will help reveal the subconscious thoughts which actually determine how strong your coping mechanism is and how likely are you to become depressed. Let’s get started.

1) You’ve been tormented constantly by your boss. You’re traumatized and have changed your job. But here you feel alienated and are paid lesser than you initially were. After a month or two, you get an apology from your boss with a request to get back to work with a promised raise. What would you do?

a) I’d accept the offer.

b) I’d decline the offer. 

c) I really can’t decide. The raise is pleasing but I’ve been through a lot already.

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2) You’ve been in a marriage for 30 years and are an ideal happy couple. Unfortunately, your partner dies of a chronic ailment. What would you do?

a) I’d rather sadly perceive it as fate.

b) I’d moan for a while but yeah… life goes on.

c) I’d feel empty, lonely and I don’t think I can cope well.

3)You recently lost your job and are having a tough time.  You’re naturally a calm person but forgetful too. These days whenever you need something you’re unable to find it. What would you do?

a) Would search for it.

b) Would definitely be annoyed but will keep searching.

c) Would curse every damned thing and throw a rage.

4) You have to attend college in the morning and you’re an active member of the college’s cultural and environment club. You are also a part of a language course. You have tutorials in the evening. You barely get time and your mother enrolls you for another gender course. What are you gonna do about it?

a) I’ll plan my day out.

b) I’ll sit and talk it out with my mom and skip the unnecessary activities. 

c) I am exhausted, my sleep pattern is disrupted and I can’t relax/manage well.

5) You just married but due to differences of opinion, got separated and it has deeply affected you. You don’t feel like going to work. What would you do?

a) I’d maintain a fine line between personal and professional.

b) I’d somehow drag myself to work. 

c) I’d take a sick leave and idle ruefully.

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6) You’re a great foodie devouring whatever comes to your plate. You’re going through a hard time when your friend calls you up for a party he’s throwing. What would you do?

a) I’d go nonetheless. Food is food.

b) I’d just show up in order to not disappoint my friend.

c) I’d decline the invite straight off.

7) You’re from a poor background and unemployed and you have to suffice a family of four with adequate education for the children. What would you do?

a)  I’d search for a job to support my family.

b) I’d live my life however it is.

c) I’d feel guilty, helpless and worthless.

8) You’re working on a presentation you’re supposed to submit in 30 minutes but you accidentally got it erased. What would you do?

a) I’d look for ways to back it up.

b) I’d work on it again. I have 30 minutes, right?

c) I’d go berserk and end up with my hands on head.

9) You’re the brainy student of the class but you’re constantly bullied by your classmates and exams are just around the corner. How will you work on it?

a) I’d bring it to the notice of my teachers and parents.

b) I’d just ignore them and concentrate on studying. 

c) I can’t concentrate and can’t take in what I read.

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10) You’ve been accused of doing something you didn’t do in your school and it’s impossible to prove your way. While returning home the elevator has stopped in the middle. What would you do?

a) I’ll stay calm and call for help. 

b) I’ll panic a bit and wish for the arrival of help.

c) I’ll wish the elevator remains stuck like for eons.


●If you’ve chosen more than six A‘s, you have an excellent coping mechanism and are less likely to be depressed.

● If you’ve chosen more than six B‘s, you are moderately prone to depression.

● If you’ve chosen more than six C‘s, you’re highly likely to feel depressed.

Each of the above mentioned hypothetical situation indicates symptoms of depression like problems in the decision-making process, anxiety/loneliness, irritable nature, disturbances in sleeping pattern, loss of interest in hobbies/ routine work, loss of appetite, sense of helplessness/guilt/unworthiness, hopelessness, difficulty in concentrating and suicidal thoughts respectively.

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