Ten Ingredients You Must Have At Your Home At All Times

Ten food ingredients that are amazing anywhere, anytime.

Almost all of us have been stuck at home with a growling tummy, waiting to be filled but with no special culinary skills. However, there are a few items: ones that you should you store at your home at all times, which can be assembled together to make a quick meal.

The following are the essential ingredients that should be kept around always:

1) Cheese


Any kind of cheese, in any form, is a must. It can be put together in sandwiches, pizzas, burgers or even on a plain roti to make it better. Cheese just makes stuff a lot tastier, doesn’t it?

2) Butter

Butter is the one ingredient that gives an Indian flavor to dishes the moment you add it. A plain paratha becomes a butter naan with just a dash of this magic food item. Also, the smell it gives out is amazing. Add butter to your Maggi noodles or over your dosa- it is bound to make it tastier.

3) Milk

This is probably getting a bit too lactic, but milk can be used not only to make something sweet but also for beverages like milkshakes. Even a glass of milk with just sugar can give you the energy to go up right away. Also, so healthy!

4) Chocolate

Chocolate is amazing, and everyone will agree to that. Chocolate syrups, powders, and even an entire bar can be added to desserts. Milk with chocolate powder gives you a chocolate milkshake, it is that easy. So if you have a sweet tooth, have chocolate at your home at all times.

5) Tomato ketchup

What doesn’t tomato ketchup go with? Fast food is basically incomplete without a siding of this dip. Keep a bottle in your fridge always, this is that one food item which can accompany almost anything.

6) Potatoes

What are our french fries made of? Wedges? Fried sticks? Munchy balls? Potatoes! They’re so simple and quick with just involving cutting them up, a pinch of salt and frying them. Or steaming. Or boiling. Really, you can do anything with potatoes and they’d turn out wonderful!

7) Eggs

This probably doesn’t apply to vegetarians but if you have no problem with eggs, you know the various ways they can be cooked. Anyone can make them: half fried, scrambled, boiled- eggs are tasty and filling at the same time.

8) Bread

Brown, whole, ricegran bread in slices, in base form, as a loaf: is important. What else will you accompany all the other ingredients with? Food is kinda incomplete without bread, don’t you think?

9) Basic vegetables.

By this I mean, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. They’re not all that necessary but they make burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches wholesome. Especially if you don’t have or eat meat. Healthy, too.

10) Garlic, coriander, chilies.

These ingredients go with each other and they’re great enhancers: which means they complement the dish to make it better and give it a very Indian taste. Also, they can be mixed to make the famous green chutney!

Of course, there are other ingredients, which are absolutely necessary and found in every house like salt, sugar, oil, etc. And the ones that are a favorite among all like Maggi and Nutella. But the next time you find yourself home alone with hunger pangs hitting hard, make sure to stock your kitchen well with all these ingredients in advance!