Superstitions On “MY BLACK OUTFIT”: How Will The Colour Of My Dress Alter The Brightness Of My Soul?

Black is cursed. It gets you bad luck. It attracts the evil and repels your luck.
Do not wear it in a temple for the Gods are watching you, it will get you unhappiness.
It’s such an auspicious day, why are you wearing black and spoiling it all?

Haven’t we all heard these on every occasion? Isn’t this the only topic which keeps repeating on every single ‘occasion’; of course the party is a different case where they don’t really care. Although, this stereotype thinking is reducing, yet it is happening in most of the places since ages and hindering us from wearing the so-called “Gets you unhappiness” black coloured outfit. If you think about it, do you wonder where did these beliefs sneak into our society?

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These people need to know that black is not a colour that brings bad omen, neither does it attract evil. It, in fact, is the colour preferred by us to protect ourselves from the negative vibes. Aren’t you the same person who ties the ‘black’ thread around the ankle/wrist/neck of your child to keep him/her protected from the evil eye? Then how do you consider it the ‘evil attracter’?  Not to forget about the ‘black’ kajal that has been used by our elders since years to protect the newborn from the negative vibes, and the black bindi that has been used by a majority of women to enhance their beauty and their features.Image result for black bindi

When our ancestors or the doctors ask us not to wear black when we step out in the daylight, it is not because it is an unlucky colour or something but because of its absorbing character of the beaming rays which may not suit everyone. Black is just a colour that makes you bold and confident and not the one that gets you ill fate. Black is beautiful for it absorbs all the strong vibes beneath its dark face. It is the colour of Lord ‘Krishna’ for he carried the same in a chivalrous way.

Black is known to be the favourite colour of the Goddess Kali and also the colour preferred by Lord Shani. In fact, most of the temples do have a black coloured statue. Then why would the Gods be unhappy about my black coloured outfit? And also aren’t you one amongst those who teach us that it is our soul that the Gods see, so how will the colour of my dress alter the brightness of my soul?

Black is the colour of the sky for it acts like the blanket that drifts you into a peaceful sleep at the end of your day.

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It is not the colour used to call the evil spirits, but it is the black doll tied outside your home to keep them at bay. So why stop anyone from wearing the black dress for it will act as a shield that will lift up their soul.

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