My Suitcase And My Diary: Part 1 Of A Kind

Disclaimer: Please don’t expect a day by day itinerary of the places I visit. I am a storyteller, I’ll tell you a story which you can recollect when and if you visit that place.

Beautiful green landscape and clear blue skies,
Nature you always quench the thirst of my eyes.

A suitcase and my diary are the two things without which none of my journeys have ever been complete, be it a two-day trip to my parents’ place, or a weekend getaway. Suitcase, because it contains all my dirty undies to my fresh smelling sundresses without a word, and my diary as it solemnly accepts all my weird sketches and my broken words without complaining. Who does not want such accepting partners for a journey? So my suitcase and my diary accompanied me all the way to Darjeeling, a land for tea lovers, for 4 days and 3 nights trip, and it’s a tale worth telling.

Glenary’s tea gardens

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Darjeeling is a small, sleepy town, full of greenery and tea gardens. It has some peaceful temples and monasteries for people who are spiritual, but since I am an atheist, for me they were mere centers of attraction because I was a tourist. I went to Darjeeling in the first week of May and was greeted with drizzling and cloudy skies, so my wish of seeing a sunrise was spoiled, but since it was an unplanned trip, I have nothing to blame or regret. As I mentioned, my suitcase quietly did with my unwashed clothes, and if washed then moist clothes, and I love it for the same.

Glenary’s fruit cup

There is this amazing bakery in the main market in Darjeeling, Glenary’s. I am disappointed that I did not find it on Zomato or any other app else I would have written a review for the same. The ginger biscuits and apple pies made my mornings. Sketching in my diary, sitting in the open area of the cafe with a cup of strong Darjeeling tea and the biscuits are the kind of mornings I long for, and I don’t get a lot of these, working as an engineer in Gurgaon.

Afternoons of my trip were spent going to the museums and tasting teas from various tea gardens. Afternoons in Darjeeling have their own charm. You can see clouds floating at a distance, and everything is covered in hues of green. Evenings went by exploring the local markets and the eating joints. I am not a very big fan of shopping but yes, I can spend my time trying out the local cuisine of the place, so that’s what I did.

But if you are a lover of night, and lights, just like me, then don’t forget to have a look at the night sky. Nights in hill stations are always mesmerizing. Ask a person from the mountains. There is a little sprinkle of magic in there, the kind that fills you with astonishment and love. Love for nature and love for the universe. So, nights were booked for watching the night sky, writing, and introspection.

Every night you spend in different places will have a very different perspective towards life and towards your own self. Every story you write sitting in hotel rooms of different cities will lend a different taste, like the cuisine of different places. Every thought that crosses your mind will be different and the same goes for every dream you see.


The mighty Kanchenjunga

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On the day of my return, the unexpected happened. The clouds lifted and I had a view of the mighty Kanchenjunga. So clear and standing so tall at a distance. My diary fluttered its pages in applause and my suitcase cluttered in the trunk of the cab, trying to have a look, while I stood in awe seeing the sight that was in front me. And thus, the lines I wrote in the beginning, nature, you never cease to amaze me.

If you have ever gone to Darjeeling do share your experience with us in the comment section below: