17 Situations People With Glasses Can Relate To

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses
Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

In terms of eyes, we can classify people into 3 categories. One, blind people. Two, perfect vision people. And, three, the worst of all, partially blind people. People with spectacles face heaps of troubles in their daily life. The extra package of another non-living set of eyes is a tough burden to carry. The partially blind people understand the struggles of wearing glasses and our sympathies are with them.

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Their blindness starts from a minute vision impairment and won’t stop until the world blurs completely. They also become the centre of attraction for perfectly visioned people because the latter want to try on the former’s artificial eyes – their lens. They enjoy making the former read letters that are far – far away, after taking off their spectacles.

Here are a few struggles faced by partially blind people:

1. Kissing your partner becomes truly awkward

Struggles Of Wearing GlassesStruggles Of Wearing Glasses

3 idiots movie should’ve shown that it isn’t the nose part but the glasses part that troubles kissing between couples. If anyone or both parties belong to the chashmish group, kissing is done for them! They always need to remove their set of removable eyes before kissing. (Removing specs is sexy though.)

2. When you forget where you placed your glasses

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

You know what’s real torture? When you place your specs carefully somewhere and forget where you kept them. I vividly remember groping my bed sheets all over because I couldn’t see where I put them on the bed. They’ll be happily sitting right in front of your eyes inside the cupboard and yet, you still make your eyes into tiny slits so that you can see clearly and search for them.

3. You can’t see through goggles unless you can fit them on your glasses

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

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My friends who don’t have glasses often wear goggles and I cannot wear them because if I take them off, I’ll be blind and if I put on goggles, I’ll be insanely blind. Often, I’ve borrowed my friends’ goggles and put them on while my prescribed lens sat on my nose and under the goggles. Kudos to those who can relate to this situation!

4. Sleeping with glasses on? That’s war!

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Sleeping equals war when you’ve forgotten to take off your spectacles. When you wake up, they’ll be distorted, or worse, broken. Try sleeping sideways and they’ll hit you like a slap. Where’s the comfort? In end, all you’ll have is their painful impressions dug into your skin.

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

And when the lecture is boring, you try to catch a wink of sleep, only to be disturbed by the thunk of your glasses on the desk. So horrible, right?

5. Posing for a group selfie and you don’t know if you look good

Struggles Of Wearing GlassesStruggles Of Wearing Glasses

If you have your glasses on, it is fine. But, generally, people take off their glasses while posing for a photo. The world is a blur and you still smile at the camera lens not knowing where you are and how you look. And finally, hen you hear the shutter click, you rush to see the picture, no, see yourself, to judge if you’ve come out good or not. Ever happened to you?

6. Glasses play slide when you sweat

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

It’s a hot summer day and you sweat profusely. Still, there is this relentless work of pushing up your glasses. All the time! They slide with no friction. You face the same situation when you’re playing a game and you constantly have to adjust your spectacles.

7. During a ball game, beware

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

I play throw-ball a lot. Since schooling, sports were my favourite. Being a glasses girl, I used to cover my face when I was sure that I couldn’t catch the thrown ball. That was me protecting my spectacles from an onslaught. There were times, bad times when I got hit by a ball. Couldn’t help it always now, can I? You can understand what happened after, right?

8. Forgetting that your glasses are on your head

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Admit it, fellas, if this ever happened to you. You search your home inside out because your eyes can only see blurred surroundings. The weight of spectacles on your head is negligible and the holders get stuck in your hair, making it impossible to think of them. Unless someone points them out to you, you’re done for!

9. One word – Rain

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When there’s a downpour, people with spectacles become even blinder. Nothing is clear. Try cleaning off the water, and the problem doubles. Try taking them off, you’re as good as a blind man.

10. Swimming is not an option when you’re a chashmish

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Find swimming goggles big enough to hold in your prescribed lenses. Else, you’re doomed.

11. Cleaning issues, especially the holders

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Wear the wrong fabric and try cleaning your lenses with it – only to find thin scratches on your lenses. Shucks! Fine, you have a soft cloth and your glasses are squeaky clean. Now comes the hardest part – cleaning the nose-holders. They’re never easy to clean, are they?

12. People mistake you for a bookworm or a nerd

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Bookworms/Nerds are NOT people who wear spectacles. I’ve been mistaken by a girl for being a nerd just because I used to wear a fully framed glasses. Now, she’s my best-friend and many times, she told me, “No, you’re not a nerd. You are a bookworm!” Does wearing spectacles classify people like us into these two categories?

13. When your Friends test “How blind you are”!

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

“How many fingers can you see?” (Your friend wags a few fingers in front of you thinking her fingers in your vision get doubles or tripled; when in reality, they are just blurred.)

“Can you read what is written on the board/banner?” (You see absolutely nothing because your friend has your specs!)

Ugh, you have too much power!” (When your friend puts on your glasses.)

Please don’t break my specs! Be careful!” (Your inner monologue when your friends try your glasses and they don’t know how to hold them like you do.)

14. And when they break!

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

We wish we had an Oculus Reparo too! But that doesn’t happen until the store decides to give your repaired specs back to you – a couple of days later. Till then, you live a blind man’s life.

The real trouble comes when you need to drive and your specs are undergoing a treatment in the repair shop.

Remember the satisfaction you get when you finally – finally put them on and feel like a King/Queen who got their rightful throne back?

15. Jab Fog Chalti Hai

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

You drink a hot mug of coffee, your glasses get fogged. Come out of an Air-conditioned room, fog again. Bend over a dish while cooking, fogged lens! When we are already blind, why does fog make us blinder?

16. Dancing without glasses is a nightmare

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

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Can you imagine dancing with your glasses on? If you’re doing simple steps and not the gymnastics the current dance has turned into, then, it’s fine. But, if you have to do flips and jumps and somersaults? Crack! So, you take them off, carefully place them in their box and step on the stage with your co-dancers. It might be that you’ve forgotten the next step and you just can’t see what steps your friends are doing. Beep!

17. Changing clothes and you forget to take them off

Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

You become so habituated to wearing your spectacles that you totally forget to take them off before wearing your dress or taking your dress off. The neckline and your spectacles get tangled. The dress won’t come off unless you remove your specs.

Tag your cute chashmish friends and let us know if you relate to the problems and struggles of wearing glasses.

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