7 Reasons Why Street Food Will Always Be Better Than Gourmet Food

Street Food Is The Best Food

How many times have we chosen Desi Chinese from across the road over a fancy restaurant? How many of us skip breakfast for vada pav on the station while going to college? As local people, all of us love street food despite the criticism it faces. For us, Street food is the best.

Here’s why we, the common people, would always choose ‘raste ka khaana’ over dine out restaurants and gourmets:

1. Inexpensiveness

I personally jump at inexpensive stuff. Street food doesn’t empty your pockets like banquet food does, which is also why it gives you the chance to try out a lot of stuff at one go.

Street food is the best

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2. Taste

We can all agree on how lip-smacking street food is. From Jini dosa to Manchurian, it first attracts us with that delicious fragrance, and then soothes our taste buds to the point that we almost always go back to it.

Street food is the best

3. Convenience

Street food is extremely easy to have. You don’t need to dress up accordingly, book a table or wait, while a fancy waiter takes your order like in restaurants. It is quick and informal.

Street food is the best

4. Reflection of culture

Street food of every specific area is different and depicts the culture of the people who live there. In Kerala, there are idli stalls at every nook, while Mumbai is famous for its spicy vada pav. You can know a lot about a certain place from the street food it has.

Street food is the best

5. Universality

Street food is available everywhere and for everyone. One doesn’t require a status to enjoy it. From a businessman to a labourer, street food is the people’s food. It is loved to the point that even restaurants are including street food like chaat and gola in their menu.

Street food is the best

6. Quantity

We Indians love to eat, and that too, a lot. Gourmet restaurants provide little food and charge exorbitant amounts for the presentation and service. Meanwhile, the smallest quantity of street food is enough to keep a man full for an entire day.

Street food is the best

7. Variety

Step down from your college or workplace and you’ll see at least three street food stalls, grouped together, serving different foods. You can choose according to your mood and taste, as you will always have plenty of options.

Street food is the best

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With this, I think we’re pretty clear on who would win in street food v/s fancy restaurants. So next time when you’re confused on what you should eat outside, have Hakka Noodles by the roadside and Kala Khatta Gola near Nariman Point (Mumbai). Long live Raste Ka Khaana!

Do you also think that street food is the best? Do let us know in the comment section below!