Story Of Col Purohit Whose 9 Years Imprisonment Is Still An Enigma


Since 1947, India has burned internally with the war of religion. Hindus and Muslims summoned to be Indians still raise a conflict of existence. Malegaon blast, 2008 is a communally sensitive area with sizable Muslim population killed 7 people, injuring 79 others. A case was filed against Lt. Col Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and nine others. Here’s the Story of Col Purohit.

Story Of Col Purohit:

As per the charge sheet filed by Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and National Investigation Squad (NIS), Purohit is main accused and flag bearer of the blast who supplied RDX. The person who was once invited by ATS to impart knowledge on the subjects of SIMI (Standard Islamic Management India) and ISI (Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan) is claimed to be framed by the same squad by this attack.

story of col purohit

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Now (2017), after 9 years, he is given conditional bail on the argument by his solicitor Harish Salve; who claim that there are still no charges filed against him. Maharastra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) dropped charges against Mr. Purohit before Interim bail.

The real master mind behind these blasts is yet to be proved, but Purohit’s side of the story which is narrated in 18 pages long ‘letter of appeal’ to Prime Minister highlights conspiracy and fabrication of evidence by Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

Here are few points of Purohit’s monologue To know More About The Story Of Col Purohit:

  1. He claims that he remained professionally active while undergoing Arabic language course in Pachmarhi in MP, as he specifically requested this course in writing and same was strongly recommended by southern command unit of Military Intelligence.
  2. According to him, Col Srivastava mislead, blackmailed, abducted, kidnapped and illegally detained him, which was proved in court with valid evidence.
  3. He was taken to an unknown civilian bungalow in Khandala under the illegal custody of ATS officers until his official arrest on 5th November, 2008, was tortured using third degree and threatened for the safety of female members of his family and forced to take responsibility for the blast.
  4. He filed a Statutory complaint against Col Srivastava supported with authentic documents which are still pending in Army Headquarters.
  5. Another important and notable name is most respected and honored Hemanth Karkare, who sacrificed his life taking three bullets on his chest for the country during 2008 Mumbai attacks.
  6. As the case is woven around the claim of supplying RDX for the bomb blast, Sudhakar Chaturvedi was arrested by ATS in Nasik at his residence after finding traces of RDX. He is a part of Purohit’s intelligence network and a registered intelligence operator.
  7. The case is filed saying RDX is assembled in Chaturvedi’s house for the blast.
  8. But two witnesses, Major Pravin and Subedar Keshar witnessed ATS Assistant Police Inspector Shekar Bagade planting evidence in Chaturvedi’s house which is on an official record.
  9. Purohit claims that his network of intelligence operators is accused or used against him.

story of col purohit

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Purohit’s agony of ignored facts by previous Honorable Prime Minister bleed in his writing. The one who fought against terrorism by taking an active part in counter terrorism and intelligence in Kashmir and Maharashtra is rotted behind bars. He pleads PM for significant improvement in the case and asks for a relief. He wants to go back to his place to take care of his old mother, wife and two minor sons.

These years of brutal treatment couldn’t shatter his love for the country

In his recent interviews, he mentions his desire to serve his mother and mother country. He also proudly states his son’s wish to serve the Nation by joining armed forces. These years of brutal treatment couldn’t shatter his love for the country.

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