Thanks To Starbucks Coffee League Because They Serve Humankind An Art Of Love

The beverage department goes its demand high with this only beverage consumed on a high rated scale. It was International Coffee Day on 1st of October and that practically doesn’t matter when it comes to coffee.

Thanks to Starbucks for creating themselves and making themselves available to serve humankind an art of love. Created in the year 1971 by Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin and Zev Siegl. It makes coffee of its own taste using the fine arabica coffee base. With all its name it today stands as the tone of the biggest brand in the beverage industry.

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It’s the matter of discussion on the auspicious day of the International coffee day( which just passed) to decide what coffee you prefer to have when you are at Starbucks?

1. Cappuccino v/s cafe latte 

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There’s nothing in the menu of any cafe that is completed without the word” cappuccino.The all-time favourite of the lovebirds and the friend-zoned personalities is this deep espresso shot, laid down with cream appeals the gossips for all the people starbucking there.

Latte is milk coffee, made by pouring hot milk to the espresso in a wide shallow cup. The foam is added on your choice saying” how much foam would you prefer onto your latte?

  • cappuccino contains huge foam with less steamed milk whereas, a latte is just the opposite.

2. Espresso Macchiato v/s Latte Macchiato

Related imageCups matter, since coffee maters.

Macchiato is the ‘ stained coffee’, with not lots of people to like it as its a dark coffee. Starbucks truly changes the scene of macchiato combining it with the latte and still keeping the taste grounded.

The Italian coffee macchiato is marked with the small amount of foam at the top which relates latte. Latte, as usual, is condensed with more milk and is dense with foam and foam. The espresso macchiato, on the other hand, is dense with espresso(as the name suggests).

3. cappuccino v/s cappuccino

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What is the difference between a wet cappuccino and a dry cappuccino? A wet cappuccino has more steam and a dry cappuccino has less steamed foam. All that matters is its cappuccino.

The Italian art of coffee making, using double espresso and hot milk foam or cream. The flavours of your choice- cinnamon/chocolate.

4. Cold brew v/s Iced coffee

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What fascinates me with cold brew is the cup it is served in. The beautiful looking jar containing the cold brew blended with chocolate and cholate and chocolate. Ice cubes floating down and the aroma of sweet and smoothly coffee.

The iced coffee no less surrounds the aroma of caramel and cola with the filtered taste of the brew.

What should you take? When not opting the cold brew I ask” how can I leave the bottle?”

5. Americano v/s Latte

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This is some competition. Freelancers, what would you choose? So I basically stalk people at Starbucks and found that freelancers generally order either an Americano or the Irish coffee. That’s because it tastes strong with the rich shot of espresso and a no lot of cream. This votes for all the freelancers.

So which one is your favourite coffee? Do let us know in the comment section below!