It’s High Time For The Indian Women To Stand Up For Themselves, For Their Safety & Integrity

Stand Up, Indian Women.

In a series of never ending grisly rape stories that grace our newspapers and news feeds, the latest one turned out to be one of the most shocking and sacrilegious of all.

This one is set in Gurugram, where a young mother was raped and her infant daughter killed. The woman was said to have been traveling home from her in-law’s place accompanied by her 9-month-old daughter. She hailed an auto, occupied by two other male passengers. Everything seemed normal until the driver took a deviation and rode into an abandoned area. There, the three men took turns brutally raping the woman, after which one of them was reported to have thrown the young infant onto a concrete median, where she was afflicted with severe injuries ultimately succumbing to death.

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As a fellow Indian woman, My blood boils at the atrocities that have become an everyday affair in our country. Rape culture has ingrained itself so deep into the fastidious Morales of our society that now, no one bats an eye at it. Sure, people rant and aggrieve about the ignominy of the entire situation only to revert back to their previous customs when the storm has died down.

It’s high time for us, The Indian women to stand up for ourselves, for our safety & integrity. It is the time for us to embark on the journey to eradicate this nuisance from our country. It is truly a matter of shame that we cannot travel securely and without fear of our safety in our very own country.

The society needs to understand that it’s not about the apparel we wear or the time till when we choose to remain outside the safety of our homes, but it’s about the change in perception that is the need of the hour. It is imminent for us, The Women to stand together and fight the atrocities committed against us. Rape is not okay, never okay.

Sri Swami Vivekananda once said:

If you do not allow one to become a lion, he will become a Fox. Women are a power, only now it is more for evil because man oppresses woman; she is the fox, but when she is not longer oppressed, she will become the lion.

It is time for us, women to rise and adorn the fierceness that is needed to protect ourselves from the clutches of society. It is time for us to become the lion.

Lastly, I would like to sign off with this poem about the conditions presently prevalent in our country:

Our Sanctimonious Country:

Ours is a country where,
Customs, traditions,
Values & sacred predilections:
Rule the masses,
Who are taught,
Lessons about the sanctity of a Woman.

It is a country where,
Mothers are revered,
Sisters sheltered &
Daughters, they’re protected.
And Yet,
It is also a country laden with hypocrisy
that has no binds.

Because It is a land of paradoxes, you see;
Where mothers are revered,
Only when they expunge sons;
From their sullen wombs.
Sisters sheltered,
Lest! they bring shame unto our names.
Our daughters are protected,
Because they are needed to be pure!
for a time when they’re traipsed about,
As though, they’re the best of the stock:
Ripe for bedding,
Strong for breeding!
Yes! They need protection because
some day, they’re to be married off!

Ours is a country,
Rich in sanctimony.
For, we worship our goddesses,
Yet rape them when it suits our purpose.

It is a country that has
no qualms over
dictating the length of
A woman’s garb.
For, covered or naked:
Our fantasies know no bounds.
And rape we shall, them all;
Until our loins are satisfied and unbound.

Ours is a country,
That has its pride;
In bringing ruin to a 19-year-old mother,
& killing her infant,
Because who cares?
As long as she satiates,
Our monstrous desires and wants.

It is a country,
that springs profanity,
When Men of other countries,
Question the integrity,
Of its Women.
Yet! it cannot abstain,
from blighting the same integrity;
That it once sought to protect.

However, We as a country aren’t to be blamed, 
Because our women are wild & they need to be tamed,
with the shame of the burden of our ravenous desires that are untamed
& care not if we rape or pillage
someone else’s mother.
As long as she isn’t our very own mother.

Stand Up, Indian Women.