We salute Varnika Kundu But Stalking In India, Requires More Attention

stalking crimes in india

Stealthily following a person lurking in the shadows is a crime igniting most of the assaults against women. Bollywood is a fruitful tree – easy target to blame for planting stalking in the minds of people. I am not saying that Bollywood is not influential. It is! But blaming everything on it is not the right thing to do. Stalking crimes in India are the result of many other psychological reasons like substance abuse, possessiveness, obsession, depression and other personality disorders. A person backed up by a power with this shambles, stages injustice.

The Increasing Stalking crimes in India require more attention and strict laws.

stalking crimes in india

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One of the recent case highlights stalking under substance abuse is the alarm of rising crime. This case not only points out the stalking and crime in India; but also sharply raise the question of justice served. If the victim is not the daughter of a bureaucrat and strong enough to stand for herself, her cries would have been stamped by the power of a chief’s son.

The case in the debate is Chandigarh’s disc jockey Varnika Kundu, who was stalked by Vikas Barala, son of BJP chief, Subash Barala along with accompanies under substance abuse. On late night return to her house, she was stalked by the drunken men in their car. They banged her car door to break and drag her out.

She complained against them and things which followed up next displayed expected failure of the system. Convicted were booked under bailable charges and allowed to walk away without blood and urine test on their insistence. Later, victim’s post on the Facebook wall and her father’s (bureaucrat) word attracted the attention of media and convicted were taken into custody. There is a long road waiting for Varnika’s steps to justice.

In this case, her bravery, her bureaucrat’s father support, and the media’s coverage helped her to receive justice. Most girls and women are not privileged to have a bureaucrat father to back up and an equipped facility of social-media to put things forward. What about their cries and screams for justice? Will they ever reach the ears of justice without drowning in the stream of unaccountable power?

stalking crimes in india

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Stalking is first the step towards assaults. If we don’t take a step towards it, no protests can reverse the trauma suffered by the victim. Power in wrong hands makes system unaffected and sour consequences are expected. More cases are left unsolved not because of unavailable pieces of evidence – they are unsolved because they are tampered by power. Our democratic India created a system to provide us justice. If we have to fight against a system for justice, we are living in a pathetic condition.

This case also questions the security of working women. Our country is famous for locking dreams of women in a room and letting the men out to enjoy injurious health habits. We should start making some sense before attaching or cutting wings.

At the end, this is an everyday fight. A woman is stalked every hour. Whatever we write and fight for is ceasing with one case and there is a fresh case next hour. Every step we call concrete is demolished with a quake.

stalking crimes in india

We salute Varnika Kundu and hope she stand tall in this crisis. We also hope that system does not work for power and take stalking as a serious issue.

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