7 Stages Of A Relationship That Will Help You To Know How A Perfect Bond Is Formed

A relationship doesn’t stand on one pillar, in the meet and greet we usually give our hearts away, without taking much stress. The main stress is when an unaware bond crosses the path of relationship stages. Though everyone knows the stages of life, none gives importance to the different stages of relationships. To form a perfect bond is not everyone’s cup of tea, to let that relation win the race of life. These stages will not only brief the relationship summary but will also make you believe that’s how it actually works.

1. Infatuation or love?

The first and foremost stage, where a little distraction tends to be an intense attraction. This stage overlooks the flaws and creates a good side in each others psyche. Where a sexual attraction and cuddles hit you from inside and you keep taking this drug as your medicine. With that hit, you feel like “This is the one”, Even if you don’t know is it love or infatuation?

Man and woman snuggle under a blanket, seated and holding hands. She wears an engagement ring.

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2. Understanding level at its peak

Long conversations, pampering stages and those endless calls with a lot of promises and trust. Yes, you feel “I am in love“, that too with a person who understands, who listens and keep you like a pampered child. You talk about your family, exes, life, your happy side and everything. And you feel it is enough to start a relationship and it’s easy to hit forever with such understanding level.

3. Friendship becomes the priority

To form a good and healthy relationship, being a friend before stays as a priority. Partners decide to stay like friends first so that those differences which seem hollow can be easily filled. Though every relation has a strong foundation called friendship, it gives a beautiful picture to every bond.

4. Roads are incomplete without speed breakers

A smooth relationship doesn’t mean it will stay smooth as long as one carries, until the speed breaker hits you hard. One must be very aware of the stage of disturbance, where a little argument tends to be a major fight. Where your mentality doesn’t match with your partner and you think he/she is not the same as earlier. Your opinions don’t match and a reason of conflict arises.

5. Moulding stage

Expectations are the most common cause in any relationship without this a relationship is incomplete. Climbing on the level of relations, we might forget that we have started keeping expectations. A situation of give and take, where when we have the guts to give our 100% effort, we expect at least 90% in return. Though understanding each other’s expectations is not an easy one, it takes hell lot of efforts.

6. Are you happy?

Moulding stage is not less than the toughest chapter of relationship, where, you might fall and can lead to the end of a relationship. But, if you succeed in this stage, you can lead to the happiest part of a relationship. In the end, every bond has an issue of expectations, and overcoming those issues is not less than an achievement.

7. Stage of lust and desires

A relationship is something more admiring with the sexual desires one has, giving it all with love and lust brings closeness in a bond. But, then a point comes where you might be loosing the interest. You might not be interested to have those sexual desires and that may lead to the end of your affair. A relationship is not meant to be called for only “love”, but it is far more than that.

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