We Had A Chat With Sreemay Rath, Author Of Amazon’s Bestseller ‘Covetous’

Sreemay Rath
Sreemay Rath

What were you doing or what are you doing at the age of 16?

A humanities student is already an author of four books. Sreemay Rath is the author of ‘Covetous’, an Amazon BestSeller.

Want to know more about him? We understand your curiosity. We had the same. In an exclusive interview, we got an opportunity to know more about his journey.

1. When and how did you start writing?

“I started writing at the age of 12. I wrote an article for my school Magazine and I received a certificate of appreciation from the Deputy Director of the University of Cambridge for the same. That is when I started writing.”

2. How has writing helped you?

“Yes, writing has helped me in two ways. So I was a shy teenager, while I was growing up, I never had the guts to talk to someone, even for 2 minutes. But when I started writing, it helped me gain that confidence as an individual. It also helped me develop my character, such that I would never stutter or lose out my confidence if I was in front of someone, or I would never develop inferiority complex around people. I feel writing has helped me develop as a whole and played an instrumental role in holistic development as a student. ”

3. ‘Relatable Tales’ is absolutely admirable. Where did the idea come from?

“So ‘Relatable Tales‘ belonged to a friend of mine who started it about two years ago. During that time he presented a proposal asking me whether I want to join in or not. Since he was in college, he was unable to handle the account. Following that, I took the ownership of the page. So we came up with the idea that there is a lot of monotony going around in a lot of pages which are popular, but which fail to deliver content that is needed by the masses. That is because most of the content is synonymous with Rupi Kaur’s poetry. It usually lacked intellect and suspense. So we thought why not start a page that has all those elements. Over years, it grew to the following base of 22 thousand. So that’s how things worked out.”

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4. ‘Covetous’ became an Amazon bestseller, what was the feeling like? 

I was over the moon, but at the same time, I was exasperated as well. There is a complex method that goes behind ranking a book. A lot of marketing is involved. Since my publishers were initially reluctant to even traditionally publish my book as it was a poetry book, you see poetry is not a very common genre and you need a lot of fan base to have a book of that kind being read. So I decided to market the book on my own. I approached a lot of newspapers, a lot of journals asking them to promote my book. I myself attended a lot of literary fests as well. This happened over a 4 month period. That was when the book slowly gained momentum in terms of its popularity and in terms of creating a presence. So when I saw the Amazon BestSeller tag next to my book, it came as a sigh of relief.

Sreemay Rath
Sreemay Rath

5. What is your motivation for writing? 

“The only motivation I have, whenever I write, is that a person is able to connect to my work in some way and it is probably helping them cope up with something happening in their life. If they happen to share that with me, it makes me feel that it is all that has made all the difference. Monetary remuneration really do not matter in a long run if your work has made the presence it was supposed to make.”

6. Have you started working on your next book? When will it release and what can we expect? 

I have already completed the manuscript of my fifth book and I already have a publisher for it. BombayKala Books is my next publisher. They are coming out with my new book, hopefully in may as I have my board exams in March which is why I requested them to push the book launch date by a month. Hopefully, in May or June, my book will be coming out. This is also a poetry-book. It is called ‘Two Winter’ as a homage to John Keats ‘Two Autumns’.”

7. Shower few inspirational words for the young budding writers who aspire you.

I want to convey this to them that never lose out on hope. If you get a rejection, it gives you a ground to keep trying. For example, before I got my first book published, I faced over a hundred and fifty rejections. A struggle is necessary for generating good literature. Never give up and never plagiarize.”

Sreemay Rath
Sreemay Rath

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Sreemay is too talented, we admire his intellect. The fact that at such a young age he is achieving so much, makes us proud of the young generation of India.

Have you read his book? What are your views on him? Let us know in the comments below!

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