7 Corrupted Lyrics Of Bollywood Songs To Annoy Your ‘Self Proclaimed Singer’ Friends

Are you a lyrics lover? For whom, along with music, lyrics play an important part to love that song. Then you must have a friend who annoys you with miss-sung lyrics. In another case, you must have a bad memory where you sing the wrong lyrics of a beautiful song. Sometimes you and your friend can go overboard, bit creative listening to them that you even forget the original ones.

They can make you laugh at the snap with every song wearing a new set of colours. Call them parody or call them spoofs, whatever you name them, you must have heard them, which corrupted a lot of sense in you.

The MagZone presents you some of the well-known miss-sung, might be misheard lyrics. If you have never heard them, get ready to make your lyrics corrupted.

1. Tanu Weds Manu: Returns

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Ah! This is famous among the lot. 95% miss-sung this at the first attempt. *ROFL* (You can confess! I was also among 95%) Maybe you are still singing the wrong lyrics. Yes, it is ‘Swagger’ not some ‘Sweater’; but she is wearing the sweater in the song. Okay! Very bad excuse.

2. Yaadon Ki Baarat

This famous song from an old movie has some best-spoofed lyrics for food lovers. More specifically Paratha lovers. Do you have that friend who promised that delicious, mouthwatering ‘Gobi paratha’? Why don’t you remind her/him by dedicating or maybe singing?

3. Allah Rakha

This movie from 1986 has some super good lyrics to complain about your mom. Mamma ne maara? Ha! Go sing this, but diligently. I hope you do not receive a flying chappal from a distance, and then it will definitely be ‘Parwar digara, mamma ne maara.’

4. Gabbar is Back

This song from Akshay Kumar’s movie has some ironical lyrics. You will be amazed to know how a similarly pronounced lyrics with a different sense can block an important part of your sense. Are you ‘Saffaring’ in love or ‘Suffering’ in love?

5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

A saga of one-sided love gave us best songs to tune. Fever of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song longed more than the movie itself. Bulleya song from the juke has some self-insulting spoof. You cannot pass this life-defining song from one ear to other.

6. Qurbani

Sajid Khan’s Humshakals questioned patience and sanity of audience spoiling every minute of the watch. They did not even take a step back making a PJ out of the best song ever. Even now when we listen to the original one, somewhere at the back of mind this spoof rings.

7. Judwaa 2

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This movie turned every stone to bring back Judwaa. Songs are purely celebrated. Record celebrated song is ‘Lift Tera Bandh Hai’. Even in this song word ‘Swagger’ lost its identity among all other syllables and is miss-sung by many. Did you do it too?

Tag your friends who efficiently ruin lyrics. Do you know more misheard, miss-sung or spoofs? Share with us in the comments below.