190+ Spells Used In Harry Potter And What They Do

Spells used in harry potter and what they do
Spells used in harry potter and what they do

Howdy, witches, and wizards? Scrolling through the internet looking for a complete list of all the spells used in the wizarding world of Harry Potter?

Well, my dearies, look no more. Given below is the list of all the spells used in the Harry Potter movies:

1. Aberto

Locked doors? “Aberto” and voila!

2. Accio

Sitting on the couch and feeling lazy to pick up the TV remote on the table? Well, go “Accio Remote” and voila! The remote’s in your hands without even moving.

3. Aguamenti

Emergency situation to put out fire? “Aguamenti” will create a stream of water flowing through the wand of caster. Save those bucks on Fire Brigades.

4. Alarte Ascendare

Throws the victim high up in the air.

5. Alohomora

Who needs keys when you can just “Alohomora” your way through all the doors?

6. Amato Amino Animato Animagus

Used to become an Animagus.

7. Anapneo

Removes obstacle that prevents a person from breathing comfortably.

8. Anteoculatia

Makes the victim grow antlers.

9. Aparecium

A concealing charm used to see things written with ink not visible otherwise.

10. Appare Vestigium

Used to track the evidence of magic used.

11. Aqua Eructo

Used as a control for the stream of water flowing through the wand.

12. Arania Exumai

Used to cast away hideous creatures like spiders.

13. Arresto Momentum

“Accidentally” licked your sibling off of a very high cliff? Save their life and yourself from mum’s scolding by slowing their fall.

14. Ascendio

Locomote an object in an upward direction by using this spell.

15. Avada Kedavra

The last of the unforgivable curse that grants instant death to the victim. Harry Potter turns out to be the only wizard to survive this spell.

Spells used in Harry Potter

16. Avifors

Turns the victim into a bird.

17. Avenseguim

Uses an object as a tracking machine.

18. Avis

Calls forth a flock of birds to attack a person.

19. Baubillius

Supposedly produces a white light from the tip of the wand.

20. Bombarda

This explosive spell creates a bombardment.

21. Bombarda Maxima

Creates even more destructive explosions.

22. Brackium Emendo

Amends broken bones.

23. Calvorio

Want to play a bald prank? Make your opponent go bald with this spell.

24. Cantis

Ever asked your friend with a good voice to sing but they just won’t? Well, make them sing with this spell that will render them burst into a lovely song.

25. Capacious Extremis

Want to fit in a small briefcase or closet without suffocating and without causing a change in its shape, size, or weight whatsoever? There’s a perfect spell for you.

26. Carpe Retractum

This spell will release a rope, bind the object, and pull it towards you.

27. Cave Inimicum

It’s a cloaking spell that hides the caster from their enemies.

28. Circumrota

The spell is used in order to rotate targeted objects.

29. Cistem Aperio

The spell is used to open locked boxes.

30. Colloportus

Feeling someone might be sneaking on you? Use “Colloportus” to lock all the doors and windows.

31. Colloshoo

Don’t want someone to move? Stick their shoes to the ground with this spell.

32. Colovaria

Don’t like those dirty green colour on your wall? Change it to bloody red with this charm.

33. Confringo

The spell produces explosive balls of fire.

34. Confundo

Spells used in Harry Potter movies and what they do

This spell is used to perplex or baffle the victim. Hermione uses this spell secretively to help Ron during the Quidditch tryouts.

35. Crinus Muto

Bored with that same old brown hair? Well, cover it away with witchy purple or barbie pink using this spell.

36. Crucio

One of the three unforgivable curses causing extreme pain, driving the victim to insanity. The very spell used on the Longbottom parents.

37. Defodio

Used to dig and carve through the wall.

38. Deletrius

Used to find out the last spell that a witch/wizard casted.

Spells used in Harry Potter

39. Densaugeo

Got a bit of Vampire kink? Want to see someone grow their teeth? You’ve got a spell for it!

40. Deprimo

Want to watch those fiery pits of hell? This charm creates holes in the ground.

41. Depulso

Don’t like something or someone near you? Well, push them away from you with a simple “Depulso” charm.

42. Descendo

This spell compels objects to fall.

43. Diffindo

Gone out on a lovely picnic but forgot the bread knife? Well, what do you think “Diffindo” spell was created for? Slice, slice, quick and nice.

44. Diminuendo

This spell shrinks the victim.

45. Dissendium

This spell allows a person to pass through by granting access to passageways.

46. Draconifors

One uses this spell to turn their victim into a dragon.

47. Ducklifors

To turn the opponent into a duck, we use this spell.

48. Duro

“Duro” in Latin means “Harden”. So, technically, this spell is used to harden people. Not in the way you think. It hardens people into the stone.

49. Ebublio

Makes the target explode into bubbles. Must be used with Agua Eructo.

50. Engorgio

Swells an object.

51. Engorgio Skullus

Swells the head of the victim.

52. Entomorphis

Turns the victim into an insect.

53. Episkey

Heals injuries.

54. Epoximise

Sticks two objects together.

55. Erecto

Used to erect tent (not what you think).

56. Evanesce

Makes the object disappear.

57. Evanesco

Makes the object disappear.

58. Everte Statum

Throws back the opponent.

59. Expecto Patronum

This very complex Patronus charm conjures an animal-shaped energy that protects the conjurer from the Dementors. The shape of the animal is unique to each person.

60. Expelliarmus

This disarming charm is used to well, disarm our opponents. Someone being a bit nasty about new spells they have learned? “Expelliarmus, bitch!”

61. Expulso

The name kind of says it all. The spell pressures the object on which it’s casted, to explode.

62. Ferula

Mends broken bones and does the dressing.

63. Fianto Duri

Adds more power to protective shields.

64. Fidelius

Helps a person hide their secret so well that no one can make them tell that secret. Only if a person willingly gives up that secret, others can know.

65. Fiendfyre

Vincent Crabbe used this deadly spell that takes the form of animals and burns everything and everyone (even indestructible objects) that comes in its way. He gets killed in the very fire he caused. Oooh, should I have said, “Spoiler Alert!”?

66. Finestra

Breaks glasses into pieces.

67. Finite Incantatem

Reverses the effects of spells previously casted that might have caused havoc.

68. Flagrante

If something or someone even touches an object protected with this spell, they burn.

69. Flintifors

Victims are turned into matchboxes.

The Latin meanings of 13 'Harry Potter' spells - Insider

70. Flipendo

Throws the victim backwards.

71. Flipendo Duo

Pushes the victim with even more pressure.

72. Flipendo Tria

Uses the highest amount of tornado-like pressure.

73. Fumos

Creates smoke so that the vision is not clear.

74. Fumos Duo

Creates even more intensified smoke.

75. Furnunculus

Causes the skin of the victim to get filled with boils.

76. Geminio

Duplicates and multiplies the object infinitely.

77. Glacius

Used to freeze the victim.

78. Glacius Duo

Stronger variation of Glacius.

79. Glacius Tria

Strongest variation of Glacius.

80. Glisseo

Turns the stairs into slide.

81. Harmonia Necetere Passus

Used to repair the Vanishing Cabinet.

82. Herbifors

Makes target grow flowers on their body.

83. Herbivicus

Causes a fast growth in plants.

84. Homenum Revelio

Reveals the presence of a human being.

85. Homonculous

Used to track movement.

86. Homorphus

Turns a transformed object into its original form.

87. Illegibilus

Renders the handwriting illegible.

88. Immobulus

Causes and object or a person to be immobile.

89. Impedimenta

A momentary slowing down of an object.

90. Imperio

The second unforgivable curse used to control the victim.

91. Impervius

Protects an object from water.

92. Inanimatus Conjurus

As the name suggests, the spell conjures an inanimate object.

Spells used in Harry Potter

93. Incarcerous

Only if kidnappers knew this spell. This charm binds the victim in ropes.

94. Incendio

The charm creates fire.

95. Incendio Duo

Creates even more fire.

96. Incendio Tria

Conjures the highest amount of fire.

97. Inflatus

Makes the victim levitate like a balloon.

98. Informous

The spell informs the caster with everything about the target.

99. Lacarnum Inflamari

Sets cloaks on fire.

100. Langlock

Locks the tongue of the opponent by sticking it to the top of their mouth.

101. Lapifors

Turns the victim into a rabbit.

102. Legilimens

Used to get inside the head of a person and invade their privacy.

103. Levicorpus

Hangs people up in the air upside down.

104. Liberacorpus

Returns the same hanging person back to the ground.

105. Locomotor

This can be used to move an object in air and then in any direction.

106. Locomotor Mortis

This spell locks the legs of he victim.

107. Lumos

Forget those extortionate electricity bills, we’ve got the power of “Lumos” to take a nightly stroll around the house.

108. Lumos Duo

Need a more focused beam of light? We’ve got an upgraded version of the spell.

109. Lumos Maxima

Not quite satisfied with “Lumos” and “Lumos Duo”? Well, don’t you worry ser. We’ve got a bright flash of light to keep you going on with your work.

110. Lumos Solem

Need an even brighter light that almost blinds the opponent? Well, then nothing’s brighter than the sunlight. Just “Lumos Solem’ your way through the Devils’s Snare.

111. Magicus Extremos

A siphoning spell that uses the power of two or more people to increase the power of spell.

112. Melofors

Covers the target’s head with a pumpkin.

113. Meteolojinx Recanto

Removes the effects of weather caused by jinx.

Spells used in Harry Potter

114. Mimblewimble

Used to prevent a person from chanting spells clearly by tying their tongue.

115. Mobiliarbus

Used to move wooden objects in air and any direction we desire then.

116. Mobilicorpus

Causes mobility in the bodies.

117. Molliare

A cushioning charm that cushions the object and nobody can see it.

118. Morsmordre

This is a total no no. It’s used to call forth the dark mark. Now, we don’t want that. Do we?

119. Mucus ad Nauseam

Causes the target to catch a very bad cold causing them to sneeze until they collapse.

120. Muffliato

Muffles the conversation so the others can’t eavesdrop.

121. Multicorfors

Bit of a fashionista, are we? This spell changes the colour and look of the outfit.

122. Mutatio Skullus

The victim grows extra heads.

123. Nox

Darkens the room and makes it void of any light.

124. Nebulus

The spell creates fog all around.

125. Oculus Reparo

Fixes broken glasses.

126. Obliviate

The memory charm makes a person forget memories we want them not to remember.

127. Obscuro

Keeps the target from seeing or noticing anything.

128. Oppugno

This spell calls forth birds and attacks the victim. Used by Hermione on Ron.

129. Orbis

Buries the victim into the ground.

130. Orchideous

Brings forth flowers.

131. Oscausi

Used to shut and remove the mouth of the victim.

132. Pack

This spell packs all our belongings.

133. Papyrus Reparo

Glues back torn pages.

134. Partis Temporus

Allows the caster to pass through even amidst fire.

135. Periculum

Creates red sparks.

136. Peskipiksi Pesternomi

Had no apparent effect when used by Professor Lockhart in an attempt to ward off the pixies.

137. Petrificus Totalus

Got a wicked idea but a friend just won’t let you pass through? You know what to do. The person will be paralysed (Relax! It’s temporary).

138. Piertotum Locomotor

Piertotum Locomotor

This spell makes inanimate objects protect the caster.

139. Piscifors

Turns the target into fish.

140. Point Me

Points the spell-caster in the Northern direction.

141. Portus

An object is turned into a Portkey with this spell.

142. Prior Incanto

Shows the prior spell used by a wand.

143. Protego

This charm creates a protective shield that repels the spells casted.

144. Protego Diabolica

A ring of black fire forms around the caster for protection against the enemies. This is a Dark Arts charm.

145. Protego Horribilis

This spell creates a shield against the Dark Magic.

146. Protego Maxima

The most powerful of all the Protegus charms protects against the biggest forces of the Dark Magic.

147. Protego Totalum

A variation of of Protegus charm that is focused with the protection of an area for quite a long time.

148. Quietus

Quietens the victim.

149. Redactum Skullus

Shrinks the head of the victim.

150. Reducio

Shrinks an object.

151. Reducto

Generally used to break objects. However, Ginny Weasley impresses everyone by disintegrating objetcs.

152. Reparifors

This is a healing spell used against injuries caused by magic.

153. Reverte

Used to make the objects look exactly like they originally were.

154. Relashio

If this spell is used, the victim will lose their grip on anything they might be holding on to.

155. Rennervate

Used to wake someone who is not conscious.

156. Reparifarge

If a transformation stays incomplete, this spell can be used to reverse the transformation spell thereby returning the object to its original form.

157. Reparo

Repairs the targeted objects.

158. Repello Muggletum

Repels muggles.

159. Repello Inimicum

This spell is used against enemies to disintegrate them.

160. Revelio

This is a secret revealing spell.

161. Rictusempra

This spell tickles the victim until they fall back to the ground.

162. Riddikulus

“Riddikulus” is used to banish Boggarts. Boggarts take form of objects we are most afraid of.

163. Salvio Hexia

This spell is used to repel hexes.

164. Scourgify

Feeling too lazy to do all the cleaning? “Scourgify!”


165. Sectumsempra

Created by Severus Snape, this spell was used by Harry Potter against him. This spell creates deep cut in the skin of the victim even making them bleed to death. Draco Malfoy has also been a victim of this spell when used by Potter on him.

166. Serpensortia

In the name itself lies the purpose of the spell. It was used by Malfoy when he conjured a serpent against Potter dueing their duel.

167. Silencio

As the name suggests, the spell silences the victim.

168. Skurge

Want to scare the very entity that scares us? “Skurge” away those ghosts that “Boo!” behind the shadows.

169. Slugulus Eructo

Want to make someone vomit slug? Go “Slugulus Eructo”

170. Sonorus

Increases the volume of the victim.

171. Specialis Revelio

Used to find out the spell earlier used on an object.

172. Spongify

Makes an object of a spongy texture.

173. Steleus

This spell is used as a distraction by making the opponent sneeze.

174. Stupefy

Yes, we all wish we could just “Stupefy” and stun people to the state of unconsciousness.

175. Surgito

This spell is used to lift an already used spell off of a person.

176. Tarantallegra

Makes victim’s legs go out of conrol so as to make them look like they’re dancing.

Harry potter spell names

177. Tentaclifors

Used to turn the victim’s head into tentacles.

178. Tergeo

Wipes off and cleans liquid off of an object.

179. Titillando

Used to tickle the opponent.

180. Ventus

Produces wind from the wand.

181. Ventus Duo

A stronger variation of Ventus.

182. Vera Verto

To transform animals into water goblets, this spell is used.

183. Verdillious

Production of green sparks through the wand.

184. Verdimillious

Used to unfold the objects hidden by the dark magic.

185. Verdimillious Duo

This is a stronger variation of Verdimillious.

186. Vermiculus

To turn objects into worms.

187. Vermillious

The usage of this spell produces red sparks.

188. Vipera Evanesca

When a serpent is conjured, this spell is used to make that serpent disappear.

189. Vulnera Sanentur

This spell negates the effects of Sectumsempra by slowing the blood-flow and healing the person.

190. Waddiwasi

“Waddiwasi” was used by Professor Lupin to shoot a lump of gum out of a lock.

191. Wingardium Leviosa

The very first spell taught to the students causes an object to levitate. Halloween approaching? Want to scare off people? Just take a white sheet and you’re just one “Wingardium Leviosa” away from making a sheet-ghost go, “Boo! Scared ya!”

Well, there you have it. A list of the all the Harry Potter spells. What are you waiting for now?

Go pick up your wand and start practicing.

You can help us improve our list of spells used in Harry Potter if we have missed one or two.

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