9 Trends That Have Evolved In Past 2 Years

Social Media Trends Today
Social Media Trends Today

So what’s trending? Well, a lot of things. You all, at some point may have encountered handles like #ootd and #trending. This is the simplest way you get to know what’s in the top trending list around the globe so that one can easily answer the question “So what’s trending?”

Here are certain trending stuffs that have bloomed and blossomed since their birth and are currently the TRENDING TOPICS.

1. Photo-fies

Let’s take a selfie!” Who said that? Well, now everyone does. The evolution in the art of selfie-taking is such that we have found a way to click our picture with such perfection that it can be converted into a good passport size photo. Lol! Well, we have groupies too and this trend is addicting and crazy and fun.

2. Food blogging

Nowadays, everyone’s a food blogger. This trend has somewhat turned into an aid for getting “more likes” It doesn’t really matter whether you binge on it or not. You just need to post the picture of the food and the place

(Basically, the trend is of ‘showing off my cuisine‘)

3. Red lipstick on

Fashion trends are every girl’s favourite. So what’s trending in fashion? The red lipstick. Initially, I have seen many girls hesitating to wear a red lipstick(including me). Well, now it’s bold, beautiful, simple, and elegant too. I think it goes with every dress or with every face or complexion. Aye! it’s a red alert.
Happy woman smiling while wind blows her hair

4. Hollywood TV series


These have certainly become a great package of entertainment around the globe. “Do you watch GOT?” is the current cool trending question youngsters enjoy asking.

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5. Kya Aapne Kabhi Online Shopping Kiya Hai?

Obviously. Ask that lazy girl whom you see busy on the phone and expecting that she has a boyfriend. No, she has Myntra on her phone.

The online market has become a great trendsetter recently. There are so many websites and stores opening all around, that import the luxurious goods and foreign products.

So basically, you don’t have to wait for your sister to come soon from New York and get those international products.

6. I’m a MUA

Makeup artist. Well, it’s not a trend, but indeed, a trending profession. People have always stalked a number of MUAs and this certainly has become a great career option for girls. And we have seen some great creativity in the ways they do their work.


7. Hashtags

The way social media works has changed to a great extent. Hashtag (#) anything, what’s your mood or where are you. A symbol with which you broadcast an incident, which has the like of becoming a worldwide phenomenon like #guddikibarat or #viruska.

Basically, anything you hashtag can be a trend.

8. Musically

So it’s an app. And then, it’s a great entertainment app. Well, it’s a crazy app. This app captures your act as you perform, complete with dialogues you mimic and music in the backdrop.

The trend now is becoming a muser i.e the one who gives a great shot to the background being played (a good actor). And everyone wants to be an actor (seems like the trend).

P.S  a really fun app to try out

9. Baby bump fashion

Well, the fashion industry has evolved like really but the women out there have shown a better evolution in terms of fashion trends. The pregnancy outfit line has showcased some amazing, fashionable yet comfortable outfits that ladies can flaunt. And the contribution of women towards this has been another remarkable evolution in the baby bump trend. They step out in so much style which makes the road their own personal runway.

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What are some other trends that you want to add to the list? Do let us know in the comments below!