Smart English Phrases You Can Use To Sound More Intelligent

There are some good old phrases which we excessively use in our daily lives, to make people understand our point.

But aren’t you tired of those cliched phrases? *Duhhh!!*

So it’s time that you update your dictionary with the following smart english phrases. 

smart english phrases

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1. Instead of 🔸According to, use

-In line with
-Conforming to
-In agreement with
-In consonance with
-As said/stated by/in

2. Instead of 🔸 you can see, use


3. Instead of 🔸As mentioned previously, use

-As I said before
-Like I said
-Following my earlier example

4. Instead of 🔸Congratulations, use

-Good job!
-Well done!
-You rock!

smart english phrases
5. Instead of 🔸For example, use

-Such as
-For instance
-Let’s say
-To illustrate

6. Instead of 🔸I don’t know, use

-I’ve no idea
-Ain’t sure
-Search me

7. Instead of 🔸I don’t like it, use

-That’s not for me
-Ain’t into it
-I dislike it
-I don’t appreciate it

8. Instead of  🔸I know, I understand, use

-Of course
-Fair enough
-I don’t blame you
-I take your point
-I got you

9. Instead of 🔸On the other hand, use

-In contrast to
-In contrary

10. Instead of 🔸In conclusion, use

-To sum up
-By and large
-To conclude
-In closing
-All in all
-On the whole

smart english phrases

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So this diwali get rid of those cliched phrases and update your dictionary with the better ones.

How many of these you already knew these smart english phrases? Was the article helpful? Do let us know in the comments section below!