7 Small Gestures You Exhibit When You Are In A Relationship

Small Gestures In Relationship

Being in a relationship is not as easy as it seems. Its filled with all the ups and downs, and it needs a lot of compromises and mutual understanding. Keeping all of this apart, it’s the little things you do in a relationship that builds up the bond. If you aren’t great with words it’s the gestures that you portray that has the effect. Being in a relationship and having someone to express your love does not always mean to have sex or the physical intimacy (which of course does have its own effect), it’s also the small things you do that will eventually get you closer.

Here are a few gestures you should do to build up the romance in your relation:

1. Making an Eye Contact

This is one of the most important things to do in a relationship. Making an eye contact and pouring down your emotions through eyes is the foremost thing to do in a relation, and it does have a major impact. Sometimes things that your lips cant frame, eyes brimming with love do the talking.

Small gestures in relationship

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2. Forehead Kisses/Kiss on head

Hugging your partner does express your love, but planting a kiss on top of the head while your hugging is one of the sweetest gesture. Also kissing on the forehead rather lips displays kindness and affection towards your partner.

Small gestures in relationship

3. Entwined fingers

Hold hands when together, it does express a lot of emotions. Rubbing your thumb softly on the inside of the wrist or on the back of the hand of your partner is erotic in its own way and it passes shivers down the spine and you will know the change in their facial expressions. It’s not necessary to have the physical intimacy to provoke your partner, these small things do act like a turn on.

Small gestures in relationship

4. Nose tip kiss

If there is anything other than forehead kiss that is cute, its the kiss on the nose. Pull your partner’s cheek or nose sometimes, it shows that you adore them. Tease each other for the same as having a lively and funny relation will end up into a healthy one.

Small gestures in relationship

5. Express your emotions

Speak out the little things that you find cute or amusing in your partner. Being expressive doesn’t have to be in the form of poems or big thoughts, compliment each other now and then. It does not have to be long or perfect. Do not just praise, tell each other’s flaws and faults and also learn to be more accepting towards each other.

Small gestures in relationship

6. Impromptu calls

Calling each other is part of your day, but sometimes do make impromptu calls just to tell them that you love him/her or miss him/her. If nothing, it does help in draining the stress they carry on that day and yes, it does get a beautiful smile on their face. If not calls, make sure to text them sometimes the same (midnight would be the best time to do so :P).

Small gestures in relationship

7. Handmade stuff

If you are out looking for some gift for your partner, why not make one? It doesn’t have to be innovative or the best, a handmade card or even a jar full of tiny letters will make her happy, its the effort that counts. Not just gifts, sometimes do make something to eat for each other, and if you don’t know how to make a gift or something to eat, Google is always there to your rescue.

Small gestures in relationship

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Do you want to add any more sweet and small gestures in relationship along with the little things in a relationship that count? Do let us know in the comment section below!