Sleepless Nights:- “Story of All”


Sleepless Nights..

I bet everyone suffer from this self-originated syndrome, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS.
Where we just wake up at nights, no particular reasons just complications of life.
Wide awake with eyes wide open, brain numb and heart behaving dumb.
When peace and sleep seems far away from eyes and waking up is only choice..

We just lay down and stare at ceiling, thinking about void,
and sometimes flashback of memories rush in front of our eyes..
And, we begin thinking what went wrong?
We regret our decisions, we think about roads not taken.
But we get over it real soon with a blink of our eyes, we move on, or rather lie to ourselves that we did .

We are here, we are alive, we all have survived from our dreadful past and other traumatic time,
That’s what matters, that’s why we are alive..
To escape from my thoughts and pass the night..
I drink black coffee to get high, not some cheap alcohol or drug..
I write about HUMANS and LIFE all the other stuff..
I listen to some classics to calm my down my nerves, the soothing music just keeps humming around, and I find myself away from the chaos..

I know you’re here, coz you went through these sleepless nights. So, What do you do to pass your time??
And we all crave for a presence by our side. No, not to make out or get wild. But, just to talk about life and how to survive..

Kudos to all the Nocturnal humans alive.

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I am a Hotel management graduate. Working on my debut book (would be author). Usually I Write about HUMANS and LIFE, yet I don't want to be bound under some genre. I feel like there's alot to change and experience, that if I can just pen it down and pour it on paper, I'll be able to change something deep down in people's soul, mind and heart. I bleed on paper and pour words on it. :)