20 Skills To Learn During Lockdown

Skills to learn during lockdown
Skills to learn during lockdown

If you are wondering what skills to learn when you have some time and space during a lockdown that doesn’t seem to end, here are 21 suggestions. Upskill yourself with these skills you can learn for free from online resources like Youtube.

1. Cooking

Before you think you know it, I don’t mean Dalgona coffee! Learn some actual cooking from your mom or Sanjeev Kapoor so that the next time you are craving home-cooked food and your cook is on leave, you can look out for yourself.

skills to learn during lockdown

2. From Philosophy to Psychology

Platforms like Coursera are offering courses on literature, psychology, philosophy, history and so much more. Remember, your 9-5 job took your favorite subject from you; it’s time to earn it back. What’s also interesting is that these courses are taught by the most elite universities like Yale or Harvard.

skills to learn during lockdown

3. Video Editing

skills to learn during lockdown

Always wanted to learn how to get this done, right? Stop wondering, start doing. Get yourself a course on Udemy or simply look up on YouTube.

4. Musical Instruments

Top 3 Apps for Learning Musical Instruments

Is your guitar eating more dust than required? Take it out, clean it with a cloth, and start strumming with a screen in front of you. Again, YouTube is a free and safe bet here.

5. New Languages

Duolingo | Fortune

Up-skill yourself by learning a new language, be it French, German, or Spanish. Go for Youtube or download Duolingo. Know that with the age of capitalism, grow the demand for multilingual professionals. It looks pretty on your resume.

6. Social Media Marketing

skills to learn during lockdown

This new-age skill is really helpful if you’re a start-up or a freelancer. Today, social media is the easiest way to reach your audience so hey you better be good at it. Get certificate courses from Coursera or Udemy.

7. Digital Marketing

The Who, What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing

Almost all graduates these days are trying their hands at digital marketing. More and more businesses are going online. Learn this skill and get certified by the tech-giant Google itself or again, go for Coursera and Udemy.

8. Ms. Office

The most essential skill for corporate world applicants today is knowing MS Office. Word, Excel, and PPT are a must. You’ll find courses on the same offered by Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn, and Internshala.

9. Photography

The best deal here is YouTube because it’s free. However, there are always other platforms. A short tip here- if you don’t have a camera, you can always learn mobile photography too.

10. Blogging/Vlogging

skills to learn during lockdown

Revive your old blog on WordPress or the YouTube channel you started as an enthusiastic teenager. Use professional tips from WordPress itself as you go along it.

11. Coding

This upcoming trend of people learning programming is pretty cool with techies. Youtube has n number of tutorials to offer but to get certified courses, check out other platforms. If you are looking for something simpler, go ahead and make yourself a personal website on Wix.

12. Fitness


You have to admit your ignorance for your health and well-being! Start doing Yoga or Zumba. The best bet here is to download the Cult App, but you can always go Ramdev baba on YouTube if you wish to.

13. Household Chores

Most of us are already doing jhaadu-pocchha or washing clothes, but refer to YouTube channels or ask Google for pro tips to make your work more efficient.

14. Graphic Designing

graphic designing

This super-cool skill demands nothing but a laptop and internet connection and boom, you have your own art on your screen!

15. Public Speaking

skills to learn during lockdown

Communication is the key and I can’t stress enough. This is the right time for you to work on your confidence and public communication. So go ahead and look for public speaking courses on Coursera or Udemy.

16. Dance

Remember that time when you wanted to be a dancer but didn’t go dancing classes for any more than a month? It’s time to revive your love for crazy moves. You can do better than the baraati-naach next time! Here, again the safest best is Youtube.

17. Calligraphy

Learn the art of beautiful handwriting with minimal tools and make pretty cards for your loved ones. Many YouTube artists and Instagrammers are doing lockdown special classes with the least amount of supplies.

18. Magic

Were you that guy in school who amazed the girls by little magic antics of his? Well, garner your talent, open YouTube and learn some professional magic tricks.

19. Meditation

This may not be a skill, but it’s something if you do know, you can face any storm in life with calm. You can look up on YouTube for guided meditation, or download apps like Headspace.

20. Beatbox

Did beat-boxing always amaze you? It is time for you to be amazing at it! Go look for a teacher on YouTube and impress your colleagues after the lockdown opens! Tough, but one of the best skills to learn during lockdown.

I really hope that you found something to fight your everyday-is-a-Sunday blues. If you feel motivation lacking on most days than few, try meditation. Good luck!

So, which one are you going for among these skills you can learn during lockdown?

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