7 Conspicuous Signs That Tell Whether Someone Is Suicidal Or Not

Sometimes, we feel so disgusted with ourselves that we end up hating everything that goes around us. We face so many terrible issues in life that it ruins our mood and throws us into restlessness. We feel helpless to the point where we don’t find the reason behind such outbursts. In the crowd, we are unable to separate our own identity. As it is undetectable, it looks normal because we face changes in life, so there is nothing like an abnormality. If someone we love has suicidal symptoms, it will not be easy to detect.

These 7 signs will help to find out that a person is suicidal or not. You can save a life.

1. Interest starts fading

People feeling suicidal end up losing their common interest in eating, conversing with people, even they hardly step out to meet their loved ones. They find loneliness a better company to be with.

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2. They usually have emotional outbursts

In some state of affairs, they tend to lose their temperament from their emotional cycles, like one moment they will burst like anything and on the spur of the moment they will be normal. They get irritated with everything, but they are hardly able to tell the reason behind their heated reactions.

3. To get involved in substance abuse

When they tend to lose their control they prefer substance abuse, as they find it in their comfort zone. They prefer drugs and alcohol as a fine dose that makes them feel normal.

4. Isolates himself/herself from the loved ones

After all the drained energy and unstable mind they tend to get away from their loved ones, an unwanted distance becomes the barrier. They stop talking to the people the way they used to, with this they try to avoid them as much as possible.

5. Health issues start gulping them

Issues like major weight loss or gain. Problems like insomnia, depression, loss of appetite and sometimes nervous breakdowns. These health issues become a part of the person’s life.

6. An awful worthlessness

In this world, they find that they no more have their value among people and that leads to major helplessness and hopelessness. As per them no love and care seem up to the mark and they end up comparing their worth with everyone.

7. A usually seen behaviour

If someone is suicidal, there must be some intimation regarding their condition from the past, whether they have attempted suicide or some marks are still visible on their skin, depression, are very clear-cut signals.

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