Signs Of A Needy Woman: Are You A Clingy Girlfriend?

Signs of a needy woman
Signs of a needy woman

If you’re reading this, either you’re over-involved in his life or thinking about it unnecessarily. We’ll try to understand the signs of a needy woman to figure out if you are being clingy.

Every woman love their partner, right?

We all want to spend more and more time with him. We want to be involved in their lives.

But is this need of being around hurting him? Is he getting irritated from your over-needy behavior?

Firstly, people are different and they take things differently. Every life scenario fits differently for different people.

If your boyfriend is okay with your needy behavior, I think there’s not much to worry about. But if you are new to this relationship and wondering if he’s okay with it, you must continue reading.

What Is Being Needy?

First of all, it is important to understand what does being needy and clingy mean?

Think and ask yourself, are you getting dependent on him? Is he the one always on your mind?

And you can’t think about spending time with your friends without him? You can’t make plans or even think about doing basic activities without him.

Do you always think about talking to him?

Signs of a needy woman

Ask these basic questions to yourself and try to answer them honestly.

This is just a basic test, even if you got all right don’t be so sure. You might be just madly in love and it’s fine.

Some guys love it and it’s okay if your chemistry and bond is on the same page.

The constant fear of losing the relationship makes woman clingy. It is important to understand that relationships are a part of life and you’ll automatically find your better half.

Don’t become too dependent on anyone. Don’t become too needy that it becomes hard to survive without that person.

If you’re constantly worried of break-up and that the things are not going smoothly, maybe it’s time to talk and decide your life priorities.

Getting possessive about anyone and not realizing your self worth is not an option.

We’ll discuss some more specific signs of a needy woman in detail and try to figure out your case in the end.

16 Signs of a needy woman

You can’t sleep without a goodnight text

This is the most basic sign of being a clingy girl.

If you can’t sleep or wake up without talking to him, I think you’re doing too much.

It’s okay, people have their own lives and they are sometimes occupied in other activities.

If your boyfriend is with his friends and forgot to send that goodnight text, it’s completely fine. If you’re not a needy woman it shouldn’t bother you much.

Of course it’s nice to wake up to those sweet good morning texts and go to sleep with those good night messages. But sending a good night and good morning text won’t define your relationship.

If you’re having dreams of him not texting you, this counts as a clingy behavior.

Signs of a needy woman

You can’t spend two hours without texting him

Oh dear, can you not spend a couple of hours without him?

Do you always keep texting him even if he isn’t responding?

See, if your man is not responding to you, either he’s busy somewhere or he’s trying to avoid you. In either cases, you should avoid bugging him.

If his ‘not responding to your texts’ is bugging you a lot and you can’t refrain from texting again and again, you’re showing your desperation.

Avoid this habit and try to involve yourself in other activities. Being needy might sometimes turn men off.

Signs of a needy woman

You can’t party with your friends without him

If you can not go to the parties and gatherings without him, you’re being a needy person.

This means you don’t enjoy anyone else’s company other than him. This behavior and habit might pull your friends away.

You should invite him to your circle and introduce him to everyone, but he should not become your habit.

Try to separate your life a bit, keep him a part of it but don’t make him a necessity.

Needy girlfriend

You want him to watch every TV show together

As soon as the new show is out you want to watch it. But wait, you can’t watch it alone. You want him by your side.

Well, watching shows together is one of the most romantic things people do. But again, when it becomes a necessity, it’s a problem.

You’re being a needy woman if you can’t watch your favorite web series alone. I mean well, of course, wanting him to watch it together is okay but getting dependent is not.

Don’t go mad if he watched a show alone or with his friends.

DO NOT force him to do things and show him that you’re needy.

Signs of a needy woman

You don’t want him to party with his own circle

Do you get irritated and jealous when he parties in his own circle?

Remember, everyone has a friend circle and they love hanging out with different people. You should not get jealous why he is out there with other group of people instead of being with you.

Stop overthinking. Try to spend some time with your own group and don’t think about his life apart from you.

Yes, if he’s willing to introduce you to to his own circle, BINGO!

Signs of a needy woman

You always complain about not meeting

Do you want to meet him every single day? Do you become weird when you don’t meet him for two consecutive days?

Meeting and wanting to spend time together is a romantic feeling. But if you want to spend too much time together which your partner can’t afford to, you’re being a needy girl.

If he’s busy with his college or office schedule and not able to make up for meeting you everyday, it’s okay.

Try to understand his unavailability and respect his schedule.

Meet me everyday woman

You always monitor his Social Media accounts

Do you want to check his every Instagram story? Or every Facebook status?

If you want to know each and every place he’s going to through his social media check-ins, it’s time to stop this desperation.

If you are stalking him on the social media too much and trying to get his every life update, your neediness is visible.

Stalking social media of boy

You want all his attention on you

If you’re always dying for attention and become irritated when he’s busy with other things then you need to STOP.

Do you want all his talks about you? No, please take a step back.

Understand, that he should be giving most of his attention to you, but not only YOU.

Most of the times, it’s important to give time and space in a relationship to keep it smooth.

Signs of a needy woman

You want him to do small things for you but almost everyday

There’s a thin line between being romantic and becoming needy.

If you want him to do small romantic things for you, well, great! Actually, a sign of a healthy relationship. But when it becomes too much and you always want him to do little things for you almost everyday, you’re being needy now.

Ask yourself, are you being romantic or just crossing the line and becoming too dependent on him.

Signs of a needy woman

You unknowingly interfere with his sleeping schedule

Well, if you guys are living together and you are changing his sleeping schedule, you’re doing too much maybe.

This depends on your chemistry actually. If you guys are completely okay with this, not an issue!

But if you’re new to a relationship and doing too much, things might affect how your boyfriend thinks.

Every guy is different and you should proceed with caution before getting too much involved.

Signs of a needy woman

You can’t celebrate any festival/occasion without him

Be it Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Eid, or Diwali, if you can’t celebrate any festival without him, it’s a desperate behavior.

Wanting him on the special occasions is absolutely fine but this should not become your requirement all the time.

If you have friends, you should be okay in celebrating some occasions and festivals without him as well.

You are showing the signs of a needy woman if you become possessive when he wants to celebrate some festivals with his friends.

Missing your boyfriend everytime

You can’t do basic life things without him

If you can’t go shopping without him, or shop for your basics you are being a needy woman.

If your weekly grocery routine becomes hard without him and you want him to accompany you every time and everywhere you go, you are showing a sign of a needy woman and you should try to avoid it.

Find more important people in your life and try to do basic routine things with them.

Signs of a needy woman

You lie to him to make him spend some time with you

Did you ever lie to him or faked an illness just to make him spend some time with you.

Gosh, your desperation is going out of the hands. If you have ever lied to him to make him cancel his own plans because you didn’t like it, you’re showing signs of a needy woman now.

Leave being needy aside, you’re spoiling your relation with him. Gradually he’ll understand and stop taking you seriously.

A day you’ll genuinely fall sick and he’ll be busy partying with his friends.

Signs of a needy woman

You want him to involve you in his family

Give things some time, no?

If you are too much desperate to get involved in his family, you might be becoming too needy for him.

Give him some time and wait for the right moment. If your relationship is going on the right track, he’ll introduce you to his parents and family soon.

Don’t become too desperate to escalate things quickly.

Being a clingy girlfriend

You want him to get involved in your own family

Oh, and vice versa.

If you want to push him to get involved in your family concerns, even if he’s not willing to, you’re being a needy woman.

Guys take their own time and need their own space when it comes to talk to the family members. Don’t force him and show him your desperation.

Some boys prefer to stay away from the family affairs as well. It’s just their nature.

Maybe, you’d like to respect it and give things a bit time. Don’t go overboard and show the signs of a clingy woman.

Signs of a needy woman

Everything he does is not sufficient for you

If your boyfriend does small things for you but you don’t think it’s enough, there are majorly three possibilities.

Either, your boyfriend is not doing enough or he cares less about you, or you’re being too needy.

Sit back and figure out the possibilities. If you are being too needy, take a step back.

Needy woman

Now, since you have checked all the signs of a needy woman and if you fall under the list, you might want to change your self.

After all, being dependent on someone is a toxic trait and you might lose your self-worth. It is important to become self-dependent and understand the importance of your own life.

Now, let’s look at some of the ways by which you can stop being needy and clingy.

How to stop being needy

Understand your self worth

If you checked the above points and ticked almost all of them, you need to sit and rework on how you take your life relationships.

We all have got one life and we should be thankful for it.

You should understand the importance of yourself and try to give yourself more importance.

Understand that you’re the most important person in your life and think about the ways by which you can become self-reliable.

Make some close friends

Do you have some really close friends? If not, make some.

Try to spend more and more time with other people and understand that you can enjoy yourself with them as well.

The more time you’ll spend with your mates, the more self reliable you’ll become. You’ll gradually start finding less dependence on your guy and start enjoying your own company.

Find a hobby

Start going for swimming or join a sports club. Basically, keep yourself busy and distract yourself with other things.

You are emotionally needy mostly because you think your life revolves around him. You need to find a hobby to keep your mind busy.

Gradually, in a month or two you’ll start enjoying your life and will stop showing needy traits.

Talk to your boyfriend

The best way to find if you’re being needy is to talk to your partner. Talk to him and try to understand how much is he okay with your behavior.

As I said before, people are different and take things in a different way. Talking will solve most of the problems.

Don’t go straight away and ask if you’re being needy. Try to find the things he’s okay with. Try to understand his psyche.

Does he get bothered by your involvement in his life or loves it?

It is completely possible that what you think clingy is romantic for him. He might like you getting involved in his life. That’s why talking is the key.

Pro tip: Try not to bring his or your friends in the scene. Most of the times they spoil the situation only.

We think that our friends might be able to help the situation but the fact is that your friends don’t know much about your chemistry.

You know your relationship the best.

Understand the importance of your time

Hey girl, understand the importance of your life and time. Know that you’ve got this life and you should try to enjoy every moment of it.

You should try to enjoy every moment of your life.

Try to understand that you don’t need to be dependent on anyone to enjoy your life.

If you’re showing the signs of a needy woman, you should rethink about the precious time you’ve got and how you’re wasting it on someone else.

So, hello.

Few bullet points to take away before you go

  • You are the most important person in your life.
  • Stop being a needy girl and understand your importance.
  • Make more friends.
  • Give him space.
  • You’ll find a good guy, don’t worry.
  • Breakups are normal, you need not worry about it.
  • YOLO.

If you checked most of the points in these signs of a needy woman, stop being a clingy girlfriend.

Also, understand that most of the points mentioned above can be romantic as well. There’s a thin line between being romantic and being clingy.

That line can be different for every relationship. Couples take and understand things differently.

Understand that line in your relationship.

What might sound needy and clingy to your boyfriend might sound super romantic to someone else’s.

And this is why, you should avoid discussing the needy person syndrome with anyone and try to solve it among yourself.

Don't be a needy woman

Don’t be desperate and respect each other’s privacy. Don’t try to overthink and over-analyze things. Relationships should not be about stalking each other, no?

Drop your views about the needy woman in the comments section below.

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