19 Obvious Signs He Likes You Over Text

signs he likes you over text
signs he likes you over text

You and the guy you like finally swapped numbers! That is the initial step. Flirtation – and back-and-forth messaging – is the next step. The disadvantage of this texting stage, though, is that it may be difficult to decipher the indications – does he genuinely like you, or is he just being nice? What are the signs he likes you over text?

When you’re texting, you won’t be able to see their body language or hear their tone of voice, so you’ll have to guess what they exactly mean through their texts.

Thankfully, there are a few signals you can look for to see if he likes you over text or simply wants to be friends with you. The more of these subtle indicators he displays, the more likely he likes you back.

Here are 19 obvious signs he likes you over text messages:

Here are sure shot obvious signs he likes you over text

1. He enjoys hearing your stories.

Signs he likes you over text

A man who is interested in you will want to learn more about you. He’ll attempt to get you to tell him everything about your life. He’ll ask queries that need more than “sure” or “Haha” as replies.

If a guy asks you for your life story, he most probably likes you. He enjoys hearing about your personal experiences and stories. He is eager to know about you.

2. He responds to your text right away.

This is an indication. If a guy answers to your text right away, you can be certain that he likes you. At the very least, he’s begun to form feelings for you, which is the first step toward liking you completely.

He is truly interested in having a discussion with you and wants to learn more about you if he responds promptly. He doesn’t want you to lose interest, so he’s attempting to keep the discussion continuing. If he doesn’t respond for days, he’s either avoiding you or has more important things on his mind. You know he likes you while texting when you don’t have to be like –

Signs he likes you over text

3. He uses flirty emojis very often.

Some males aren’t fond of emoticons or don’t understand them, so don’t be too concerned if your love interest only communicates with words. If he sends you a lot of flirting emoticons, he’s more than likely attempting to be nice and flirty with you. Heart eyes emoji 😍, cheerful face with tongue protruding out 😋, and wink emoji 😉 are some of the most popular ones he will send you. If the guy contacts you with any of the above emoticons, it means he likes you!

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4. He writes lengthy texts to you.

Signs he likes you over text

Some guys despise texting in general. If he messages you frequently and responds with long, comprehensive responses, it suggests he enjoys messaging you.

5. He doesn’t want to just Text

He doesn’t simply want to text, he also wants to see you! The guy continues hinting that he’d rather be with you than just text. Both of you would be doing all the things together. He indicates that he wants to try out new things with you or be there with you when you are doing something interesting.

6. If he is unable to respond to your text right now, he will let you know.

Signs he likes you

A guy that cares about you will not squander your time. He has other responsibilities even though he would like to keep messaging all the time. A guy who is into you would tell you straight out that he needs to run some errands instead of making you wait for him in between texts. Anyone who genuinely cares about you will respect your time.

7. He’s someone who texts you first.

Do you get a good morning text from him every morning? Is he texting you while he’s at work or as soon as he gets home? It’s virtually guaranteed that he likes you if you respond yes to all of these questions!

If a guy is interested in you, he will overcome his shyness and discomfort. This is a hint that he believes you’re interesting enough to chat with, even if there’s a potential to be turned down.

If you’re constantly the one to strike up a conversation, it’s typically a poor indicator.

Try to note whether he tries to engage you or just responds to your messages. If he initiates the conversation and responds fast, it’s an indication that he’s interested in you and probably likes you.

8. He’s interested in hearing about your day.

If a guy likes you, even the most little details about you will pique his curiosity. It’s a good indicator if he texts you and asks about your day at work or in class, or what you had for lunch.

When he recalls the information you told him, or if he inquires about the outcome of your doctor’s checkup (which you mentioned a few weeks ago) it’s a very thoughtful gesture. 

He not only inquires about the general events of your day, but he does it with real attention. That is a strong sign that he likes you over text messages.

9. He talks about what you and he would do if he were there.


If he’s often talking about things you’d do together if you were hanging out, it’s a clear indication that he wants to be more than simply friends. At the very least, he’s imagining and dreaming about spending quality time with you.

He’s also attempting to assess your reaction in order to determine whether or not you share his emotions. If you reply positively, he will be even more excited about expressing his feelings.

10. He Texts You All Day

Do you and a guy text back and forth throughout the day? If you and the guy you like are having a long talk that lasts all day, it’s a hint that something romantic is on the way.

As previously stated, most men despise texting. If they text all day, it’s typically for a specific reason, such as gathering information. His purpose is to build a relationship with you if he texts you randomly all day. He may not have anything significant to say, but he wants you to know he’s there. 

11. He is curious about you and asks questions.

If a man is interested in you, he will ask you questions about yourself – some subtle, others not so much. It also gives him a reason to continue chatting to you. If he texts you and seems particularly curious and inquisitive, it’s an indication he likes you.

12. He’s interested in learning more about you.

What does he text you about? Is he simply texting you about the weather, sports, and his pals, or is he asking you important questions about your life? He’s obviously interested in you if he messages you inquiring about your family and friends and what you do with your free time. He could even follow up on something you said in a prior text with more inquiries. He’s giving great attention to you and recalling specific things about you.

13. Before going to sleep, he texts you.

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This one is similar to the good morning text he sends every morning. If he messages you right before bed, it’s because you’re the last thing on his mind as he falls asleep.

14. You two communicate with inside jokes.

When you start making inside jokes over text only between the two of you, your closeness will increase. It’s something sweet and personal that just the two of you share and that no one else knows about. If he’s sharing inside jokes with you, it’s because he wants to become closer to you and maybe share further private details with you in the future.

15. He Calls You By a Nickname

When a guy likes you, he will give you a funny/cute nickname. It’s a sweet method for them to get closer to the person they like. It’s an indication he’s attempting to become close to you if he offers you a particular nickname early on and then uses it repeatedly over texts. This how you will know if he likes you over text.

16. He compliments you.

When a guy develops affections for you, he begins to highlight small details that he notices and likes about you.

A major of the signs he likes you over text.

Does he text anything about how much he likes your hair or how much he likes your your work ethic? Is he texting you to say you looked nice the last time you saw each other? Compliments are a certain road to a woman’s heart, and guys are well aware of this. When a guy likes you, he won’t be able to stop thinking about all of your good qualities.

17. He Texts you even when he is drunk

love texts

This is a no-brainer. He is in a vulnerable position when he drinks and wants to text you. Although alcohol lowers our inhibitions and brings out our emotions, it does not necessarily bring out the truth. If the guy becomes charming and adorable after a couple too many drinks, he is most likely romantically interested in you. However, it’s not a good indicator if he only texts while he’s intoxicated.

18. He sends you random texts

Does your phone text notification rings at random, and you notice it’s the person you’re starting to like? Is it as if he comes up with unexpected topics to discuss or asks you strange questions out of the blue? If affirmative, he’s probably seeking for an excuse to contact you. Other than trying to start a discussion with you, he has no motive to text.

19. When Something Important Occurs, He Texts You

Do you find out about something significant in this guy’s life immediately or after a few days? If he informs you about everything that’s going on in his life, it’s an indication that he thinks you’re significant.

It may appear that determining whether a he likes you througover text is a simple process, but it may quickly backfire if you mistake the clues. With this method, you’ll be able to tell if he has eyes for you.

Texting has revolutionised the way we communicate, converse, and, most significantly, flirt. We have grown more accessible to others, making it increasingly difficult to discriminate between casual interactions and something far more important. 

Now that you know the subtle signs he likes you over text, make your first move. 🙂

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