Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

And It's Time To Go Ahead.

Signs he likes you more than a friend
Signs he likes you more than a friend

Looking for the signs he likes you more than a friend?

You come across this genuine “Guy next door” kind and can’t help but feel there is chemistry building up and sparks are flying crazy, butterflies in your tummy every time he smiles and your mind is stuck in a replay mode where every word he says is ticking in your head with that flashing smile you can’t seem to forget.

Congratulations girl, You are heavily crushing on that guy.

But, Do you know the signs he likes you too but hiding it?

Well, the problem is not, you crushing on him the problem starts when you seem to be confused about “does he feel the same way about you as you feel about him?”

Ever wondered if he really likes you? Ever been confused if he’s romantically inclined or just being a nice guy?

You are afraid to build castles in the air just yet.

Of course, every girl is afraid of being “Friendzoned” as much as a guy is.

So here are few subtle hints to help you decipher this mesmerizing “Greek god” you have been crushing on if he really is interested in “that” way.

And should have already started dropping on you?

Here are some subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

1. He steadily holds your fleeting glance

Romantic walk

Ok, so this is where it all starts. The “hide and seek” of the eyes.

You know those odd yet heart skipping fleeting glances? Yup, it’s all in the eyes.

At first, it might be awkward when you both happen to catch each other, checking each other out even if it’s for a micro-millisecond.

That is just the initial stage of chemistry, once he wants you to know he likes you he won’t shy away from looking straight into your eyes and flash a cute smile letting you know he’s as excited to see you as you are to see him.

He will start holding your glance steadily because he likes what he is looking into and that you can start catching his expressions.

He will always deeply look into your eyes while making conversations with you.

One of the most clean signs he likes you more than a friend.

Signs he likes you

2. He will make random excuses to start a conversation

Does he ask you silly out of the context questions?

Like when you happen to cross each other’s path at a park, a grocery store, on the street, or at work. (I don’t know as long as you live on this planet, anywhere).

Does he randomly ask about the weather? Or “wow, what a coincidence! What are you doing here? (Well yeah. I don’t know. Why would people come to grocery stores?

I had an appointment with the doctor here!) Or a simple question like “Hey! How are you doing?”

His questions might make you want to facepalm but trust me, girl he is trying his hardest to talk to the woman he finds cute.


Men get as nervous talking to you as you get talking to them when it comes down to the question of romantic interests.

Signs he likes you

3. He will flirt, crack silly jokes and make small gestures towards you

He likes that he was the reason you smiled or laughed so he will start showing you he likes you by flirting with you?

Making you blush in the process and doing small sweet things for you like help you carry heavy stuff?

Help you brainstorm with your ideas even if it’s a small tip? O

Offer you a glass of water when you’re busy losing your nuts on a project or busy over thinking about this latest gossip you heard and you are lost in your thoughts?

Mind you even if you are lost and totally ignoring the fact he is around, he will have been noticing you and your facial expressions.

He’s trying to read into your mind and trying to figure out what you need at that particular moment so he can be the one who gets that for you.

He might try to crack a silly joke and loosen you up a bit and make you forget your worries simply because he likes seeing you laugh at his jokes.

(Well Ain’t he the cutest?).

He will flirt with you to let you know you have caught his attention.

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4. He will “listen” not just hear you out

Signs a friend likes you romantically

If he is one of the genuine guys he will make sure he is always around to help you by listening to you.

He will listen, he will offer ideas and solutions to your queries, to your likes and dislikes, to your distress calls.

Or simply share your happy moments because he is interested in knowing what makes you tick.

5. He will remember your likes and dislikes and make sweet small surprises around it

Subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

“Your favorite color is purple.”

“You like flowers.”

“Hate cold wine.”

“Hate loud people.”

You are scared of creepy-crawly things girls you might like to chase.

But kindly leave feminism aside for an instance and let him do the fair extraordinaire in wooing you?

Let’s be practical here (not trying to be a sexist) but men do like the thrilling chase.

It gives them a sense of purpose and excitement in finally achieving the attention of the oh!

Fair maiden. Let’s not steal that from him, shall we??

Of course, we women are strong, independent, and can master the art of many diverse skills including asking the guy out, men find it flattering too.

But sometimes to know the value of what he’s getting he needs to make a run for it to.

And then maybe cut the chase and ask him out.

‘Cause man oh man is he so darn slow!!

6. He will make time for you

Ok, this point might state the most obvious but nonetheless one of the biggest signs he likes you.

No matter how busy a guy is, he always makes the time for you?

Might sound quite the cliché kinds but a universal fact, you and I cannot disagree with.

He might be working 18 hours a day and 7 days a week but he will do whatever in his hands to make time for you.

This is the most direct one among the signs he likes you more than a friend.

To invest what little time he has on a girl means he’s willing to go the extra mile.

Signs he likes you more than a friend

7. He will make sure to spend some quality time with you alone

Your boy will let it out in the open and ask you out for coffees, dinner dates, movies, or just random walks in the park.

That guy wants more of you and can’t have enough.

He enjoys your company, the quality time you guys spend talking or laughing and flirting.

Even if you are surrounded by people he will always make sure to come up to you.

He’ll talk to you unperturbed by the amount of attention you both could possibly garner by being alone in a corner talking.

He’s not afraid of the potential gossip you both could generate ’cause guys, let me tell you haters gonna hate so why bother about the judgments right?

Love friend

8. He will want to know your friend circle or include you in his

This is the cherry on the icing part.

He will make sure to get introduced to your mates or get you introduced to his because knowing what makes up his world or yours is important.

When things are underway you will want to know what the other person is like in his/her friend circle, what comprises of him/her, nobody likes a secretive person (unless it’s just a hookup game, lol!).

Your friend circle represents you first point.

Second, he wants his friends to know she’s the one whose a potential “it”.

Third, he wants her to get used to his goofball friends.

Or get used to your’s ’cause ladies and gentlemen you are going to see more of him or her in either’s plans.

So, do not get shocked if he is always around you.

Or you get invited to most of his +1’s parties and social gatherings?

Also, he is establishing his territory!

These are not the only tell-tale signs to figure out if a man likes you back or not.

There are more, but these are just a few of my first-hand experiences and what you could say are the easiest to spot.

He might be slow in the race but it’s only ‘cause he wants to time it all perfectly.

Slow or fast he will get there eventually.

Now, since you know the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend, let him know the truth and make his day.

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