19 Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her

Signs a girl wants you to notice her
Signs a girl wants you to notice her

Wondering if she is just being friendly or wants you to notice her?

Welcome to the club, man.

“She likes me. She likes me not.” You do this on repeat as you pluck the petals of another rose to test your luck for the chick you really like.

As common as friendships between people of opposite sexes have got, the more difficult it has become to recognize who likes you more than a friend.

To understand and know the signs of a girl who wants you to notice her has gotten tough.

Attraction is so common, yet almost less predictable. To help you discern if a girl is attracted to you, we have a checklist.

The checkpoints have various moves she will make to come into your notice.

Before beginning, I must mention that don’t look at all the points objectively. Make sure a cluster is formed and she is giving the majority of these hints.

In addition to this, you must also remember that every girl is different and you will be a fool to generalize her actions.

Some of her moves might not have as much meaning as you think they do. While the others might be quite evident signs to be dismissed by you.

Here are some obvious signs a girl wants you to notice her:

She always says ‘yes’

Whenever you ask her to buy some time to spend with you, she says a yes. She might hesitate in the beginning. However, she will eventually overcome her apprehensions. Give her the time she needs.

Little instances can be when you ask to drop her home after a party or hang out in the college canteen together.

Signs a girl wants you to notice her

She makes indirect eye contacts

She will make indirect eye-contact with you. Puzzled? It basically looks like this:

She looks at you. You look at her. She starts looking somewhere else. Repeat.

When you are sitting in the same space, she will look at you the first thing to see your reaction. This mostly happens in a group of friends or a classroom when someone says something awkward or funny, we tend to look at other people’s reactions.

Usually, those other people are the ones who matter. So if you do matter to her, she is checking if you laughed or cringed at a third person’s joke.

However, in an alternate scenario, if things are pretty straight, there will be direct eye contact. It sure is a special look and hopefully, you will be able to make out if it is friendly or flirty.

Signs a girl wants you to notice her

Say act more quirky when she’s with you

You will see that she is acting more quirky, silly and funny unlike before. She will join you in pranks and games.

She will put extra effort to be your type and many a time, it becomes quite evident. She will make you laugh in all the ways possible.

If she is not that an extrovert, she might act a little awkward in your presence. Be kind to her. Help make things comfortable.

Signs a girl wants you to notice her

Her body language is positive in front of you

A positive body language is one of the most important signs a girl wants you to notice her. This might be by appearing happy, cheerful and friendly.

She might also engage in casually touching your arm or shoulders. This is usually in public.

It might be a display of possession so as to alert your female friends to stay away. Or might just be unintentional.

She just comes close with respect to physical proximity when she feels safe around you.

(Tip: No, not every girl who touches you likes you!)

Signs a girl wants you to notice her

She involves you with her friends

If you bump into her friends, they will easily give away the secret. They’ll tell you that she talks a lot about you.

If you are lucky, they might tease you like a more direct expression. So you know she likes you when she mentions you to her friends.

She will try to ask you to join her friend circle when they go out. This is one way you can increase your mutual contacts.

She secretly wants you

She is interested in your personal life

If she asks you questions related to your family, career goals, likes and dislikes, it’s a good chance she likes you.

By knowing you more she hopes you to know her too. Even if she doesn’t ask these questions out rightly, she will try to know about you in more subtle ways.

She is also likely to be upset about not being informed about someplace you went or did something.

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She tags you in her social media posts

If a girl tags you in memes or posts or tweets on social media, know that you are special. This means she thinks of you or there are things that remind her of you.

So when you get unexpected Instagram notifications of her mentioning you in comments, take that as a slight sign.

Talking of social media, she might also start posting pictures with you. They can be either group pictures or just the two of you.

She is most likely sending you and the world signs of being interested in you.

Signs she wants you to make a move

She shares her personal life with you

She will start sharing about her family, friends, career etc. This is one of the most important ways she can get you close to her.

She will tell you about the highs and lows about her life. You may also become her go-to in case of breaking friendships or family conflict if you provide her some warmth and comfort.

If you think what you have to do with what her dad said to her mom the other day, or when her favorite mug broke, you need to understand. If she is considering you worthy of sharing her routine, you ARE special.

She shared her secrets

She laughs unnecessarily when she’s with you

I don’t mean it in a rude way. But you will find her giggling with her friends when you walk past them. One of the most evident signs is laughing to your lame jokes. She will make you feel validated when no one else will.

You think you are getting better with your humor game but sorry boy, that’s just the girl.

signs a girl wants you to notice her

She inquires about your love life

On some select days, she will nudge you to tell her all about your past relationships. More importantly, she will constantly ask if you are single or not.

In a few cases, she will also want to know what base have you reached physically.

This is just to reassure her if she is heading for a guy who is available. She will probably have 5 other friends keeping an eye out and spying your love life.

She befriends your friends

To get your friends to like her is one of getting you to like her. She will talk to them, hang out with them and find a way to interact with you. Through your friends, she might also leave hints.

She can also introduce her friends to your friends and in this way, step closer. All this shows that she is already preparing for a later stage in your relationship.

She loves your friends

She discusses her family with you

If she tells you her parents’ opinion of you, say on your career, you get to know that you are special enough to be mentioned to her parents.

She might also want to jump in to the good books of your parents. An example of this can be she helps you with homework, college applications, shifting etc.

Discussing and involving family is a very strong sign that she secretly likes you and wants you to notice her.

Sharing family

She grabs your attention

If you are in the same space (like a classroom) but in separate groups, she may increase her volume to make you listen. It becomes important then for you to listen to what she is talking about.

In most cases she is expecting you to make a conversation around that.

She will also try to be at the forefront of things, like organizing parties or events. This will give her a chance to come to your notice.

These little things are some quite obvious signs a girl wants you to notice her.

She gets nervous around you

A very common sign of a girl liking you is that she will grow nervous around you. Now, this is an unintentional way that she comes into your notice.

She might fumble or stutter around you. Chances of her becoming clumsy go 100% up. She also may fidget a lot with her accessories or whatever is available at her disposal.

She will also start playing with her hair. It is probably not to seduce you but distract herself.

She is nervous with you

She remembers little things

She will remember little things about you and you will be surprised. Your favourite food, colour, animal etc. She will make sure to remind you that she remembers little things you do.

This way you are less likely of missing out a girl who really cares for you. She sets her apart from the crowd.

Signs she wants you to notice her

She makes subtle appearance changes when she’s around you

Girls tend to make little changes to their physical appearances. She may change her clothing, or apply make-up etc. She also might start leaving her hair open or tie them into a pony unlike before.

It is not a necessity though. Many girls are comfortable in their skin and don’t want to change for others.

She changes her looks

She tries to make you a better human

In most of the cases, the girl tries to make you understand the repercussions of your actions. She will try to adjust your moral compass to fit hers. Like, she might ask you to leave smoking or rash driving.

You are likely to listen to her and act on her suggestions. She will also help you understand the importance of spending time with your family.

She will help you to reflect better on your actions, and hence become a better person. You would question her ulterior motive of this, and it might be just a sign of her liking you; you never know.

Signs she wants you to notice her

She puts away her phone when she’s with you

When you guys are together, you will see that she doesn’t use her phone. The conversations are so engaging that she forgets about everything else with you. You become her escape from the outside world.

Effortless conversations go on until one of your parents’ call and order you to come back home.

Signs she wants you to notice her

She uses the ‘we’ word in the conversation

You will realize that she starts using the ‘we’ word more often. For example- “We would look good as a couple.” or “We can do this together.” or “We can plan it.” This is a very evident sign of a girl liking you.

She may also talk about how both of you are single, and then paint a beautiful picture with you two in it. She will try to pitch ways in which you both fit.

If she’s talking about ‘us’ and ‘we’, boy, it’s time to make a move.

Signs a girl wants you to notice her

I hope you got a little clarity on the signs she secretly wants you. Having done that, make your moves cautiously.

Today it is difficult, more than ever, to be sure of what goes in the other person’s mind. Hence becoming easy to misread someone’s actions.

As absurd as it may sound, you can always approach her and ask in person if you read her correctly.

Honesty is always appreciated and it is the safest way to approach someone.

Pro-tip: She might find it really cute too.

Now, since you know the signs a girl wants you to notice her, go for it, and make a move!

Best of luck.

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