Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it
Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

Oh, so recently you encountered someone in your office? Is she is looking interested in you? Do you guys meet often at the water filter? Have you ever spotted her checking you out? Let’s try to look at the signs a female coworker likes but is hiding it from everyone.

First of all, become sure about what you’re looking for here. Don’t rush it and be open to the conclusion that might be completely wrong.

You might be just overthinking and it’s nothing as such from her. Be ready to break your heart before digging deeper in this article.

Sometimes the coworkers are just too friendly because of several reasons and there’s nothing to be serious about. But yeah if you think there’s some emotion from her side, let’s try to understand the signs a coworker is actually crushing on you.

Here are 11 signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it from everyone

You’ve caught her staring you in the office

Oh, so have you recently caught her checking you out? Do you often spot her looking at you?

If the answer to the above two questions are yes, congratulations, your guess might not be that wrong and you’re thinking in the right direction.

But hold on, she might be just curious about your job and there’s no emotional feelings for you. There’s a possibility.

So don’t try to reach to a conclusion so early and keep reading about the other signs.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She pings you often on office chat groups

If your female coworker is pinging you on private channels too often and is trying to find ways to talk to you, there’s a slight hope.

Is she sharing memes and jokes on your personal chat? If you guys are not friends already, there are two possibilities, either she wants a friendship or she’s looking for a relationship with you.

Not so sure? Play along. Reply to her jokes with your jokes. If she’s sharing relationship memes and jokes, there’s a better hope.

You should take some time though before you make your move. Office spaces are a bit tricky when it comes to a romantic relationship with coworkers.

If you’re trying to approach her be very sure about her emotions or you might fall into trouble.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She’s bitching about other coworkers with you

If you guys already don’t know each other, and she finds ways to bitch about her boss with you, umm, maybe she’s just trying to start a conversation.

She’s trusting you. She believes that you’ll listen to her. A good sign!

Play along. Who knows you might start developing a feeling for her.

Coworker bitching

She brings food for you in the office

Oh, things are going far now. If a female worker is trying to flirt and even notices the food you like, she might be interested in you.

But, if this is once a while case, don’t be too excited. It can just be a friendly gesture.

If this is becoming a trend there’s a little chance. Observe for a while but don’t rush into drawing a conclusion.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She takes your side in front of other colleagues

Have you observed her taking your side in front of other colleagues?

If she’s trying to defend you in front of her friends as well, she’s keeping you above them. It a good sign that she’s really interested in you.

Observe this for a while, if she’s constantly defending you in front of your boss and colleagues, the chances are fair.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She constantly offers you for help at work

Is she willing to make your presentations and reports? If she’s always ready to to help you with your work things even when it’s not her job, a positive sign.

It is a good conversation starter. Both of you can plan to go out for a coffee. You can try to get to know her and figure out if she really likes you or you’re just daydreaming.

Offering help is a sign of caring. If you guys don’t know each other already and she’s willing to help, maybe she has started developing a caring feeling.

Maybe she really cares about your workloads and is trying her level best.

Positive sign.

Coworker offering to help

She just shifted her seat

Oh man, if she just shifted her office seat to come near you, you might be right.

This can be a good gesture and a sign of friendship as well. Don’t hurry and become overexcited. It is possible that you’re her only good friend. Analyze the situation thoroughly.

Did she had a fight recently? Or is she trying to avoid someone in the office? If not, then maybe it’s you. You’re the actual cause and she wants to sit near you.

Talk to her. Try to understand the situation. Make sure you don’t go overboard and try to keep it professional in the beginning.

Spending more time together near each other will open lots of opportunities. You’ll get to know each other and it can make your relationship stronger.

Be cautious as well, don’t bitch about your boss if she’s really new in your life. Sometimes, these things a re just mere office politics and can land you in trouble.

Office gossip

You heard a gossip about both of you

If your colleagues are gossiping about you it is possible that they have noticed something you’re still trying to figure out.

It is also fairly possible that she told someone about you and the gossip leaked from there. Try to find the root source of the gossip.

Sometime, office coworkers just love to hook two random people. Or maybe they just want a cheesy gossip for their tea-break. You’ve to figure out the seriousness of this.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She invited you in her personal party

Well, if she just invited you in a party and you’re the only person from office there, great. You’re in the inner circle now.

Well, not exactly in the inner circle but at least she’s treating you more than a coworker. If you’re the only office person at that party, of course, you are important.

It’s a great opportunity. Talk to her friends and get to know more about her. You can know if she’s already committed or just had a bad breakup.

You can get to know about her past relationship. Also, just check if she talks about you to her friends. If you’re a part of her ‘inner friends’ conversations, you might be a luck man.

Get to know about her interests, family, and hobbies. This might clear out lots of doubts about her.

Office party

She compliments you a lot

Complimenting each other in the office space is normal. Coworkers complement each other out of courtesy and good gesture.

But some compliments are different. If she’s complimenting you a lot more than you actually deserve, maybe she’s crushing on you.

This also shows that she notices you a lot. If she remembers your daily attire and getup, it is possible that she likes you but is hiding it.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She is putting pictures with you on the social media

Well, if you know each other just for months and you have cracked a spot in her Insta feed, kudos!

This also shows that she’s willing to tell others about you. Maybe, you are already a part of her DM discussions.

It’s a good and a positive sign that she’s crushing on you.

Notice the trend.

Figure out of it’s only you or she’s putting everyone’s picture and you’re just one of them.

If it’s only you on her Instagram feed from the office, she’s trying to grab your attention most probably.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She constantly asks for your help

Well, if you’re the first person who comes to her mind when she’s in need, congo my man.

This means that she trusts you and believes that you’ll be there for her.

Once a while is fine. Every office colleague asks for each other’s help.

But if this trend is like two to three times a day; shows that you’re always on her mind.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She’s asking for you validation

If your office colleague is asking for your validation and complements whenever she has done something new, you have a good chance.

This could be as small as expecting a compliment on a new dress she bought.

Or a new earring she wore.

Or a new pair of shoes she borrowed from her friend recently.

If she’s coming to you and telling you about all this, maybe it’s you why she’s putting so much effort.

Respect her feelings and compliment her.

Even if you don’t have the same feelings for her, it is always a good gesture to compliment your office colleagues.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She didn’t went to a office party because you were not there

If she just ditched an office party just because you could not attend it, oh well.

This means that you’re too close to her now and she is not enjoying anyone else’s company at work.

It also shows her strong emotion towards you. Your importance in her life. And that you’re the only one.

But be very sure about the reason she missed that party before taking this sign into consideration.

Check few pointers:

  • Was she sick?
  • Was she out with anyone else or
  • There were other commitments from her side.

If not, you were the reason and you can consider it.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She is interested into your love life

If she is constantly looking to know more about your love life and relationships, maybe she wants to be a part of it.

Is she keen about your past relationships?

She might have asked about this to you directly. Or must’ve enquired from your other close coworker.

If yes, a strong point.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

She hates when you talk to another female colleague

Have you spotted her staring you and checking when you were talking to another female colleague in the office?

Have you noticed that she’s gets pissed when you’re talking to another female employee at your work.

She might be jealous and have some strong emotions about you.


Your Female Coworker just asked you out

Of course, now there’s no sign left. Go for it.

If she just asked you out, it means she’s really serious about you don’t want to beat around the bush.

It’s time to make a call. If you also have feelings for you, it’s time to tell. If you’re not interested, please tell her in the first meeting.

Do not push it if you don’t want it. Office relationships can go weird sometimes.

Now since, you checked all the signs that she likes you but is hiding it from you, it is also important to know what you should ABSOLUTELY not do in this case.

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

Here’s a brief list of things you should avoid if you think your female coworker likes you

  • Do not talk to your coworkers about it.
  • Avoid flirting if you’re not very sure.
  • Do not spread gossip about her.
  • Even if you’re not interested, respect her emotions.
  • Do not talk about private relationships on official mails.
  • Avoid written conversations in the beginning.

Before you draw a conclusion and plan your move, it is important to understand that office romance is a bit technical

Relationships among coworkers can be tricky and you should proceed with caution. It is fairly possible that your female coworker is just friendly in nature and you are overthinking.

People at work come from different backgrounds and upbringing. What might be a sign of liking for you can be just a friendly nature for someone?

It is very very important that you don’t rush to a conclusion. You wrong analysis can offend someone and you might land in trouble.

Understand and monitor all the signs mentioned above and if she really like you, Congratulations!

Best of luck for you office romance with your coworker.

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